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You asked for it, here it is: Meeting McCarthy (1992)

Meeting McCarthy
by Garry Wallace
Southern Quarterly, 1992, 30(4), 134-139
In March of 1989, while traveling to El Paso with Betty Carey, I was afforded the opportunity of meeting Cormac McCarthy. Betty Carey, of Las Vegas World Series of Poker fame, was writing a book about her adventures as a professional gambler. She had arranged to meet with McCarthy to discuss her current writing, as well as to rendezvous with their common friend, Frank Morton, another gambler. What follows is my best recollection of the several conversations that took place over three days of our visit. I made no tape recording or notes during these informal, quite friendly talks, but wrote what I remembered in a journal after returning from El Paso. This account is recreated from chapters in my unpublished novel based on my year-long writing partnership with Betty Carey, and is as accurate as memory allows. Where I felt reasonable confident about actual words, I have used direct quotations. Elsewhere, I have paraphrased.
​On a bright spring Sunday morning, Betty and I awaited McCarthy in a quaint family restaurant on Mesa Avenue in El Paso, where Cormac suggested we meet to have brunch. Betty clutched a handkerchief to absorb the perspiration from her hands. She was nervous, as was I. Each time the entrance door opened, we glanced in anticipation. Finally a man, nondescript—medium build, short hair, a dull plaid shirt—walked down the short flight of stairs, his eyes searching the lower tier where we seated. It was Cormac McCarthy.
​Betty smiled and we got up to greet her friend. McCarthy asked about Betty’s book. He had been privy to her very first draft, written three years before. Her stories were about life as a gambler. For thirteen years she had won and lost fortunes, sitting at poker tables across the country with men like Jack Strauss and Amarillo Slim, risking life to hijackers, still able to spirit away tidy sums unknown to anyone but herself. Betty told McCarthy that so much had happened since that first draft that she was in the process of rewriting the whole story. Betty had allegedly been cheated in a Las Vegas casino scam. There were allegations of Gaming Commission and FBI coverups. Her case was then on appeal before the Nevada Supreme Court, ultimately to be thrown out because of the statute of limitations.
​She asked McCarthy if it was common for writers to do so much rewriting. He said he knew a few writers who would compose a hundred pages of a novel and then have to start over, but that he usually knew where his own novels were going from the start.
​Betty told McCarthy that she and I had written the screenplay of her story, and that ICM of Los Angeles had said it possessed some of the same appeal as Silkwood. She failed to mention that the agent had turned it down for being “awkwardly written,” because we’d portrayed Betty as an “arrogant and unsympathetic character,” and because “the authors seem inexperienced in mapping out dramatic framework.” She said, “I’m writing my book in a suspense format. I want it to be a best seller.”
​“I don’t read best sellers,” McCarthy said. Feeling responsible for the latest direction the book had taken, I explained, “What she means by ‘best seller’ is that she wants the facts of the casino scam to reach as many people as possible.” With a curt nod McCarthy indicated that he had understood that to be Betty’s meaning. He acted friendly yet cool toward me, a stranger.
​McCarthy asked if there was a particular author that Betty was patterning her novel after. I mentioned Ken Follett. McCarthy nodded and said that Follet (sic) was good. He mentioned also that Stephen King was a good writer. From his earlier comment on best sellers, I wasn’t sure if McCarthy had read these authors or if he was speaking from hearsay.
​“What do you read?” I asked. McCarthy said he read mostly nonfiction, although he did enjoy Hemingway. Betty and I had a conversation the day before with Irving Brown and his wife, proprietors of a used and rare book store on Mesa Avenue. An acquaintance of McCarthy as well as a professor of philosophy at the University of Texas, El Paso, Brown told us that McCarthy—an unpretentious man who often did his laundry right next door—considered Melville the greatest author, and that he read books about astronomy and physics. Brown especially liked the part in Suttree where Cornelius sees his reflection in the glass door and thinks, “Suttree and anti-Suttree.” Brown said that in his opinion McCarthy had over-read Plato.
​Betty mentioned how hard it was to find the time to write. When I said, “You have to be selfish,” McCarthy agreed, but substituted the word “ruthless.” Betty listed a few of the interruptions she had to put up with, eliciting McCarthy’s remark that he could write in a train station if he had to, but not if somebody kept asking for directions. McCarthy said that he wrote in the morning, every morning. “Why not write every day?” he asked rhetorically. “In the afternoon I visit friends. You can’t write all day long.”
​When Betty said she wished she could just run away from her obligations and be free to write, McCarthy recalled that once he had spent an entire year doing little more than playing pool with his friends.
​Betty and McCarthy talked about their lives, the consequences of their successes. Betty said that no more would she consent to interviews because so often they changed the story, often sensationalizing her life beyond reality. McCarthy agreed, saying that he would not do interviews.1 He told Betty that J. D. Salinger had given only one interview throughout his career as a novelist, to elementary children.
​“Do you teach?” I asked.
​Looking at me sternly, McCarthy said that he did not, and he seemed not to want to discuss it further. He mentioned an author, Robert Fulghum, who had published a somewhat humorous book about learning all you need to know by the time you graduate from kindergarten. McCarthy gave a few examples: “To tell the truth. Not to hit each other. To be fair.”
​Betty laughed. “I like that,” she said. From the things McCarthy said about academia, I understood him to believe that many of human beings’ problems arose from pursuits in education. In a later conversation about spiritual experiences, McCarthy said that education often got in the way of understanding. He added that in certain Eskimo cultures, art, of both high and low quality, was seen as good. Art was a personal expression. Nobody went around telling children how to do theirs differently.
​Betty said she felt different from most people in our society, that she was very much a loner and that her friends would not be considered mainstream. McCarthy referred to himself and Betty as “outlaws.” He gazed at her and said, “Look who we are. We’re desperate people.” They had both lived such uncommon lives that their spirits were easily kindred. I felt that my own life had been too sheltered.
​Again I asked McCarthy if he could recommend any good books or authors that a beginning writer should read. He said, “All great writers read all other great writers.” Upon further prodding, he mentioned several of John McFee’s books and The Song Lines by Bruce Chatwin. McCarthy said that he knew Larry McMurtry; because McCarthy loved the television movie “Lonesome Dove” so much, he said that he would never read the book.
​Betty mentioned her love of traveling and said that some people had suggested she write a book about her travels, or a how-to-on poker, and forget the nonsense about exposing the alleged casino scam that had cheated her out of many thousands of dollars. Betty asked about what she could and could not write about other people. McCarthy said that writers had great latitude in their writing and, on a question about other people’s ideas, said, “If you like it, use it.” I believe this came under the axiom that everything had already been written and that most ideas were neither unique in themselves nor original.
​Brunch ended and the coffee pot went dry. I picked up the bill. Betty and I drove the camper back to the motel with McCarthy following in his old beater. The exterior of his car had been sandblasted to the metal and touched up with primer paint. It looked prepped for the body shop. Even with my untrained ear, I could tell the engine ran well.
​At the motel Betty dug into her briefcase for her most recently drafted chapter, which she handed to McCarthy, apologizing for its not being typed. McCarthy said, “That’s all right. We’re friends. We do things like this for each other.”
​The next day, Betty and I met McCarthy at an out-of-the-way health food store that served frozen yogurt and sandwiches. We ordered at the counter and took seats at a small table next to the front window. After we were served, the conversation turned to writing. Betty asked which person it would be best to write her story in, and McCarthy said that was always a hard question to answer. He asked which person she felt most comfortable writing in, and Betty said that both the first and third had their benefits, but that she just couldn’t decide. She wanted McCarthy to tell her which to use, and he could not do that. He offered suggestions quite sparingly. To a question about how descriptive to make Betty’s book, McCarthy said that the point of most novels could be told in a paragraph. The reason they’re longer is so the author can tell a story. And he said, “Don’t ever treat your audience as if they’re stupid. Your reader is smart.”
​“Have you read Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying?” McCarthy asked. She had not. He explained that each chapter of the novel had been written in the first person from the perspective of each of the different characters. When he suggested that Betty might try something like that, I could see hopelessness on Betty’s face. She had been working on her book for over three years.
​McCarthy mentioned that Faulkner had written the novel during his spare moments while working on a manual labor job at night. He said that Faulkner had even used a wheelbarrow on which to compose the story. McCarthy said that Faulkner never expected the novel to become great, and that the novel had a certain amateurish quality that gave the book its great appeal. He said that Betty should not be overly concerned if her writing was not professional, and that she should try to retain the natural quality that her writing had, as that was often the mark of literature. Because Betty was having trouble getting the most recent draft of the novel started, McCarthy suggested that she could try writing the ending of her story first, then the beginning. He told her to get a tape recorder and tell her stories into a microphone and then play them back.
​Betty talked about the most recent developments of her story, but even with McCarthy she was hesitant to reveal many of the specifics. McCarthy became curious when Betty described the four levels by which she categorized poker players. She explained that the top two levels involved the reading of “tells” (short for “telegraphing”), and the ability to send out misleading “false tells.” She mentioned how she tested people by asking “set up” questions and viewing their responses. She would often ask questions to which she was sure a person would lie, and then remember what behaviors accompanied those responses.
​“Fascinating,” McCarthy said. “Do I have any tells?”
​Betty laughed and studied him more closely. “I haven’t noticed any yet.”
​That night, in a freak blizzard, Betty and I drove to a motel across town where Frank Morton was spending the night on his way home from Los Angeles. Frank was the classic itinerant gambler, as well as a somewhat unorthodox evangelist. He was the liaison who had initially brought McCarthy and Betty together.
​A tall man with graying hair, Frank spoke with a voice that was garbled with years of cigarette smoking, and his breathing was labored. I found him friendly and rather opinionated, but he would listen to your ideas if you could break into the stream of his talk.
​After McCarthy arrived, we all climbed into Frank’s car. The snow and sleet moved on, leaving a violent sand storm in its wake. Frank followed McCarthy’s directions to a Mexican restaurant, and by the time we got there, the wind had died. Frank talked on about the hate among the races in L.A., about people’s lack of trust and the general downfall of the human condition. Each of us added opinions now and then, but it was Frank who monopolized the conversation and filled the air with smoke. We were his congregation. McCarthy sat and listened, offering few observations of his own.
​Back at his motel room, Frank related a number of personal religious experiences that he had had over the years, pointing out the flaws in other people’s lack of faith. I challenged him, saying that one day science would understand these unexplained phenomena for what they really were.
​McCarthy commented that some cultures used drugs to enhance the spiritual experience, and that he had tried LSD before the drug was made illegal. He said that it had helped to open his eyes to these kinds of experiences. Betty recounted having seen the image of Christ on a bus while in Costa Rica. This had been at a time following the casino scam when Betty had been on the run. She said that her experience was as real as our sitting together in the motel room. It had not been a dream or hallucination.
​Always the skeptic, I said, “But how does that prove Christianity? Why not Buddha or Allah? You saw Jesus because you were raised in Jesus-land.” I looked to Frank and McCarthy. Their expressions were sympathetic.
​McCarthy was slumped into one of the chairs with his left leg slung over the arm rest. He appeared a very patient listener. He said that he felt sorry for me because I was unable to grasp this concept of spiritual experience. He said that people all over the world, in every religion, were familiar with this experience. He asked if I’d ever read William James’s The Varieties of Religious Experience. I had not. His attitude seemed to indicate that in this book were the answers to many of the questions posed during our evening discussion. I was nonplussed. ​ ​“Truth,” McCarthy said about what writers must accomplish in their writing.
​“But what exactly is truth?” I asked.
​“Truth,” he repeated, his implications tacit.
​The next morning, Betty and I were at the motel when McCarthy arrived to go over his response to Betty’s chapter. He had written his critique on separate, smaller pieces of paper. Point by point, he went over his comments, offering occasional praise while not sparing the rod. Afterwards, I listed the three qualities I believed necessary for a person to become a successful writher: “To read a lot. To write a lot. To experience a lot.” McCarthy said that we all had experience enough from which to write.
​Months after our visit, I wrote McCarthy, completing a few thoughts I’d been unable to that night we discussed spiritual experiences. Some time later, I received his reply.
​He said that the religious experience is always described through the symbols of a particular culture and thus is somewhat misrepresented by them. He indicated that even the religious person is often uncomfortable with such experiences and accounts of them, and that those who have not had a religious experience cannot comprehend it through second-hand accounts, even good ones like James’s Varieties of Religious Experience. He went on to say that he thinks the mystical experience is a direct apprehension of reality, unmediated by symbol, and he ended with the thought that our inability to see spiritual truth is the greater mystery.
1 He has recently made an exception to this rule, granting an interview to the Richard B. Woodward of the New York Times Magazine on the occasion of the publication of All the Pretty Horses. My account of our visit with McCarthy, neither intended nor conducted as an interview, is published here with his knowledge.
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[S] King's Survivor Gallipoli: Saints Vs Sinners

After I tried to stop this series and start a new series (which failed), I am back in the driver's seat for King's Survivor's final phase, since it would probably have lasted longer if Adobe didn't cancel Flash (thanks for rushing my series, mate!). This season, I tried to do what u/swoldow did before and make a season called Saints Vs Sinners, where 10 people who embody the term "Saint" will face off against the people who embody the term "Sinner", but unfortunately, it seemed like a lot of the people who signed up misunderstood the definition of saints and sinners. For the love of god, someone who is slightly villainous is not a "sinner", and average people are not "saints". Oh well. I guess it's the best I'm gonna get. Here is the cast:
Kahramanca (Saints) Tribe:
Ardet Prifti, 31, Rhythm Guitarist, u/Twig7665
Ardet lived a difficult life. Born in Albania with a family that was associated with the mafia meant that Ardet was never safe, and one day, he came back home to find his whole family had been murdered by the Albanian mafia. He spent years on the street, struggling to survive, before he discovered his musical talent. He played a guitar (which he had to steal), which enabled him to earn money. After a few years of doing that, he moved to the United States, where he did his best to get into the largest music college in that country, and actually succeeded. He met some people that became his bandmates, and soon they were pretty popular in the underground scene. When their fame exploded, Ardet's bandmates grew either egotistical or paranoid, but Ardet saw fame as a way to spread awareness for mental illness. He has now become a strong supporter of mental health charities around the country, and he signed up for Survivor to raise money for one of the charities he supports.
Ava Chrisly, 23, Kindergarten Teacher, u/Gemini_B
Ava was born deaf. After her father died when she was 3, her birthmother struggled to care for her and her 3 siblings. Ava was especially tough since she needed special treatment and one night her birthmother left her on the doorstep of a rich widow with a note explaining how Ava got there. The Widow, not wanting to deal with a deaf child, left her outside where she spent a cold night alone and scared. She came across Marissa, a young girl who ran away from home. Marissa took pity on her and the two banded together.
They spent years together on the street with Ava learning to read lips and Marissa learning sign language. Marissa quickly saw that Ava had a gift with children and encouraged her to find a job with kids. Ava didn’t want Marissa to leave, but then Marissa surprised her by revealing she had a scholarship to a teachers college. Ava went off to the collage and became a kindergarten teacher, but when she returned she learned that Ava had gone to jail for stealing from a rich old woman and using the money to bribe a college administrator. Ava promised she’d help bail Marissa out, and learned about survivor. She’s hoping she can win the million to help free Marissa and get their lives on track.
Chelsea Rutherford, 22, Lifeguard, u/IAmWolfNinja
Chelsea was the heiress to the throne of a foreign country with a corrupt government. The wealth that came with such a status meant nothing to her, since she was utterly disgusted with the actions of her family. Knowing her resentment for their governmental policies, Chelsea's family gradually became verbally abusive towards her. Unable to take any more, she escaped as a teen to pursue her own path. When she arrived in America, Chelsea wanted to do everything she could to erase her dark past and the actions of her family, so she got a job as a lifeguard, where she has saved countless lives. She's occasionally recognized as an heiress, but when it's brought up, she tends to have nervous breakdowns.
Chester "Cap'n" Richardson, 67, Retired Naval Officer, u/swoldow
Some may see him as just the average old man, but Cap’n has seen and done things most people couldn't fathom. Cap’n joined the navy at a ripe young age about 5 years before the Cold War began, and learned everything from afar, slowly working up the ranks. When things got bad in Vietnam, he was given the chance to take charge of a ship during the war, and he immediately said yes. He ran the ship strictly, but he got both respect from everyone, as well as being genuinely liked as a person by his crew. He led them to many naval victories but unfortunately that didn't last, when his ship was shot with a torpedo, which blew the whole thing up and killed everyone on it, except for Cap’n. With the emotional baggage of watching people he has gotten to know kick the bucket, he immediately resigned from the navy after. As a result of the shipwreck, his mindset has changed, as he’s now super overprotective of his family, and still can't let the explosion go after years and years of retirement. He hopes Survivor can help him learn more about himself, and be the thing he needs to live the rest of his life in peace.
Cornelius Von Helton, 52, CEO, u/Gemini_B
Cornelius was raised by a family that had fallen from riches and was in tough times. He never expected to get to go to university but got lucky by getting a scholarship for his creative greeting cards. While at university, he enrolled in a business course and after collage started a greeting card business with some friends. All of his friends quickly gave up on the business, but Cornelius stuck through it. When he made a greeting card that was delivered to Eddie Murphy, the comedian was impressed and hired him to do his greeting cards to his friends, family, and invitations to parties. Quickly other celebrities started to hire his business and many fans wanted to get into the trend. His business rapidly expanded and he soon found himself with a company that covered parties, greeting cards, published books and even dabbled in a touch of Realestate. While in his thirties though, Cornelius was mugged while on a walk in the park and got stabbed. He was quickly rushed to the hospital and while there, he was nursed back to health by his soon to be wife. He claims that she saved his life and proceeded to date her after leaving the hospital. She was reluctant at first, but he quickly charmed her and the two have been married for 15 years now. He has two children, a son aged 10 and a daughter aged 8. He's continued to run his business, but leaves most of the work to his higher-ups as he wants to be able to spend as much time with his family and employees as possible. He views his employees as his family and does his best to remember all their names and make the workspace as nice for them as possible. He's come to survivor because his wife loves the show and wanted to compete, but due to growing health issues can't. She's trained him to win, and he wants to do this and win for her.
Dana Vasquez, 43, Stay At Home Mom, (filler character)
Greg Zimmer, 40, High School Teacher, u/AngolanDesert
Greg is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He is very trusting and kind and will do anything for the people he loves. Since he grew up in Texas, hard work has always been his priority. He knows that if he wants to win this game, he has to work hard at everything he does. Greg decided to be a high school teacher so he could teach his students the importance of hard work. He has been a fan of survivor for a while, so when he saw that applications for survivor were going out, he knew he had to join in. Hopefully, he won’t disappoint his students.
Gwendolyn "Gwen" Wallerby, 52, Baker, u/ghetra
Gwen works at a bakery where she gets to do what she loves every day: make many different kinds of pies. She is a very warm, loving person and has a reputation for helping out whoever needs it, usually by baking for them. Baking takes a lot of patience and strength, and she is stronger than she looks. She naturally has a very loud voice that sometimes irks people, but once they get to know her it quickly becomes endearing. Now that her children are out of the house, she has started reading much more and taking classes on different subjects that interest her. The world is her oyster.
Kirk Smolarek, 62, History Teacher, u/Twig7665
Kirk never had a normal childhood. His mom walked out on his family not long after he was born, and his father was a former Polish soldier with PTSD and a severe drug addiction, leading to Kirk experiencing abuse from him for as long as Kirk can remember. Wanting to escape his miserable life, he smuggled himself on a boat bound for Australia when he was 16. Lo and behold, the ship got caught in a windstorm and ended up sinking, and Kirk and a few other survivors ended up stranded on an island. After spending more than a month there, he was taken back to his homeland after being found there. He ended up being the only survivor of the whole ordeal. He was returned to his deranged father, where the next time his father tried to abuse him, he fought back, causing his father to end up in the hospital. Deemed not guilty because he defended himself, Kirk did not spend time in prison for this. His father on the other hand did spend time there for drug-related charges and child abuse, but was killed by another inmate before he could be released. Kirk then went to college, where he studied history there, and decided to become a history teacher. He then kept that job title for over 40 years now, and despite being in his 60s, he is still an enjoyable presence for his students, as he incorporates unusual teaching methods to make his students interested in what he's teaching. Despite being financially stable, he wants to win the money so he can be well off when he retires in a few years.
Maralyn Sander, 32, Tour Guide, u/Void_Drone
Maralyn gives tours of New York, driving around in her bus, answering questions, watching broadway shows. And she spends most of her money on her family, except for the money she spent on her pink pearl necklace. She enjoys the tours for the most part, but when she's alone she vents about how annoying the tours can be.
Kotu Adam (Sinners) Tribe:
Alexa Station, 20, YouTuber, u/IAmWolfNinja
A 3AM YouTuber who arrived late to the trend, Alexa has a tendency to flex her belongings when no one really cares. She was recently involved in a scandal where she faked her boyfriend's death, causing endless amounts of controversy, and a near arrest. Her sub count is dropping significantly every day, so she joined to help gain her popularity (relevancy) back.
Carter Witworth, 23, College Student, u/JTsidol
Witworth, he was born to a extremely rich family, but his parents didn’t have time for him, but spoiled him rotten, when he got into school, he was known for being a bully, however no one confronted him, and everytime he’d get in trouble or fail a test, his parents would pay his way out, last year, he got a slap in the face, when his parents yet again had to bribe the college board to accept him, they cut off his allowance, he’s playing just for the money, nothing else.
Irvin Eamers, 32, Olympic Sprinter, u/asiansurvivorfan
A born athlete, Irvin loved competing in all sports but wasn’t known to play fair as he was never a team player and would often torment others to win. He started training for the Olympics at the age of 17 and eventually got the opportunity to compete in multiple Olympics where he took home many gold medals. However, they were striped from him when he was caught doping and using steroids to give him an edge in races. After the controversy, Irvin’s current wife left him and he was banned from competing in any future competitions. He came on Survivor for one reason and that is that is the money as he’s currently being sued by the Olympic committee.
Jessica Abrefa, 25, Poker Player, u/Twig7665
Jessica wasn't the most well off growing up, she lived in Alabama, where racism was rampant. As such, she was bullied for her race, until one day, she decided that they will all be wrong about her not being able to do anything because of her skin colour. She publicly humiliated the whole football team at her high school, and that stunt got her expelled in her senior year. She didn't care, and then she decided to run away to Las Vegas, which she did. While there, she started modeling, but found it boring. She then picked up the hobby of gambling, and played her first poker match when she was 21. She proved herself to be a formidable foe by beating one of the top poker players at the time, a dude named Brett Herman. Impressed by her skills, he tried to form a bond with her, but she turned him down due to him being a very paranoid man. Now, Jessica dates and cheats on men almost daily, and is considered one of the top female poker players, despite only playing for a few years. An avid Survivor fan, she wants to be as flirty and manipulative as she is in her real life. The only problem would be meeting another poker player, but she finds it unlikely that she will.
Joey "Wildcard" Caruso, 24, Poker Player, u/wordonthestreet2
Joey did not grow up with the best moral compass as his father notoriously had ties to the mafia. He used the money his father made through illegitimate businesses to gamble throughout his teenage years. When his father learned about his poker abilities and how easy it was for him to manipulate his opponents they began using his poker career as a way to launder mafia money through various casinos. He is known for his excellent poker face and unpredictable style of play which earned him the nickname Wildcard.
Maize Nguyen, 28, Heiress, u/Vicctoryy
From the outside looking in, the Nguyen Family Dynasty of San Francisco looks like a well supported and strong business, but from the inside, things are crumbling apart. The matriarch and patriarch are always at each other's necks over the company, leaving their children to clean up their messes. Maize, being the oldest, has taken it upon herself to lead the company, and she leads with an iron will and even harder iron fist. While she seems like a worthy replacement for her faulty parents, she has never been afraid to leave with force. Anyone at the receiving end of a verbal lashing from Maize is likely to not return to work the next day, or ever again. She is arrogant, rude, demeaning, and yet she gets things done. Saving the company from absolute bankruptcy caused a lot of backlash, but Maize couldn't care less. Success should be accomplished by stepping on the necks of those who aren't ready for the power, and Maize has done that exact thing. Any person in Maize's way has been an obstacle she has to conquer, and with a flip of her finger, that obstacle is no longer a problem. She has never been afraid to crack a few eggs to make an omelette, and unfortunately, those eggs have just been working class people struggling to make minimum wage and put dinner on their table. Too bad for them according to Maize. Maize has come to Survivor to prove that the Nguyen Dynasty is far from over, and their business monopoly will run on for years with Maize at the front of it. She is the iceberg, everyone else is a ship with no idea of what's in their way. Those too bold to step in her way are trampled, quite literally. Maize has no problem with controversy, controversy brings attention, attention brings money, and money brings power.
Molly-Anne Benson, 26, Marketing Assistant, u/ghetra
Molly-Anne is a social butterfly. She loves chatting with people about pretty much anything and loves meeting and getting to know new people. She has a natural charm about her that draws people in, but sometimes people are bothered by how chatty she is. She also loves to gossip and is not above spreading rumors. However, she is rather sensitive and can be set off by just about anything. She frequently will push people's buttons if they offend her and will hold a grudge until the end of time.
Nikki Lopez, 29, Stripper, u/Void_Drone
Randall Martin, 49, Real Estate Agent, u/TDSwaggyBoy
Being a self proclaimed sleazeball, which is a very weird thing to be proud of, Randall's life was never too good. He didn't grow up with a lot of close friends. Sure, people liked him at first, but when they really got to know him they didn't appreciate him nor his antics very much. Randall had to make a name for himself. He quickly found a career in the world of real estate. Not even his co-workers enjoyed his company, but they appreciated his skills. Being a fast and smooth talker really pays off in his industry. And now, Randall wants to put his skills to use in SURVIVOR. How well will that pan out?
Vito Luco, 49, Used Car Salesman, u/swoldow
Vito is the last person you'd want to trust with anything. A true con-artist at heart, he now has a job selling used cars, but his past jobs would make you run away from him in fear. When he was younger, he was a part of a major drug-trafficking operation run by the mafia, and he later got a job selling illegal fireworks, both of which got him to do jail time for a decade. Newly released, he seems to be back to his old ways, as he scams people out of their money daily with his faulty cars. He was born constantly overshadowed by his perfect younger brother, who is a popular politician, while he just swindles from people. As a result, he hates people who play loyally, and wants to prove that evil is the best way to play. He isn't afraid to play hard, as that's what he did all his life, and he'll either win, or go out swinging.
Link to Season
Episode 1: The 20 new contestants are welcomed into Turkey, where their first task is to compete in a challenge for reward. The Sinners tribe win this reward due to having more young and fit members than the Saints tribe. As a result, the Saints are already demoralized as they arrive at camp. Cap'n starts to feel good vibes from Ardet and Maralyn, and takes them under his wing to form an alliance. Ava, on the other hand, reveals that she is deaf to Chelsea and Gwen, and the three form another alliance due to being close to one another already. Cap'n sees this and scrambles to find an idol, and does so. Over at the Sinners tribe, Witworth and Jessica see their opportunity to look for an idol, and they find it, giving them more security, while back at camp, Maize and Nikki get into a fight over thinking that the other has an idol, which neither of them do. Vito becomes the moderator of this fight, saying that the three of them plus Irvin and Molly need to stick together in the long run. Randall sees this alliance form and tries to get Alexa, Jessica, Witworth, and Wildcard on board, which they all agree to at first, but then Wildcard sees this as his opportunity to cause conflict within his tribe, so he becomes content with being a swing vote. The Sinners win immunity, and on the Saints tribe it quickly becomes a race to see who can scrape up the swing votes the fastest between Cap'n's alliance and Ava's alliance. Dana becomes the target for Ava's alliance because of her weakness in challenges and her blind loyalty, while Greg is targeted by Ardet and Cap'n due to his shiftiness. They are able to get Kirk and Dana on board to blindside Greg, and they try to talk to Gwen, but she does not flip. Instead, at tribal council, we end up with a 5-5 split, followed by a 4-4 vote split due to no one flipping. Then a rock draw occurs on the first vote of the season. Ardet becomes the victim of the rocks, sending him out of the game despite never receiving a single vote.
Episode 2: After an explosive first vote, Cap'n tries to figure out who flipped on the six and sent Ardet home. No one tells him who did it, so he assumes it was Ardet. Ava tries to flip Maralyn from Cap'n's alliance, but is unsuccessful at doing so. At the Sinners camp, Jessica and Witworth, despite being closely aligned, argue over who gets to keep the idol, and Witworth ends up keeping it in the end. The Saints pull out a surprise victory over the fractured Sinners, and back at camp, Wildcard decides to snake the alliance he was pretending to work with, and joins Vito's alliance. Their first target is none other than Alexa, who saw this game as nothing other than a tool to get more relevancy back, and it particularly irked Vito, who wanted to play against people who played hard. So together, with his alliance and Wildcard, they vote for Alexa. Meanwhile, the four person alliance realizes that Wildcard snaked them, so they vote for him, and Alexa becomes the second person voted off in a 6-4 vote.
Episode 3: After Alexa's vote off, Irvin tries to bond with Vito, wanting to be his right hand man, and they become closer due to both being sleazy people. Wildcard begins to feel like he's in control, and it starts to annoy people on his tribe. At the Saints camp, Cap'n starts to rub people the wrong way because of his cockiness due to having an idol, but no one catches on to him having an idol, which is good news for him, because he plans on holding onto the idol until the merge. The Sinners win immunity for the third time, and they grow cocky because of this. Cap'n and Kirk, being the two oldest men on the tribe, join forces with Dana and Maralyn to take out their biggest threat in the opposing alliance, Greg. However, the other side has majority, and they decide that Dana has been blindly loyal to the other three, and hasn't been pulling her weight in challenges, so she becomes the third person voted out in a 5-4 vote.
Episode 4: After a somewhat boring vote, Greg starts to get paranoid, since he's already gotten 9 votes and it's only episode 4. He then tries to get the minority alliance to pin their votes onto Gwen, but Gwen gets angry at him for doing so, and they have an argument. At Sinners camp, Jessica tries to talk to Irvin, trying to get his alliance to help hers take out Wildcard, and Irvin tells Vito about the plan, and Vito starts to see Wildcard as not being of use anymore. After losing the reward challenge, the Saints come back harder and beat the Sinners at the next challenge. Wildcard lets Vito know that he is going to vote Maize, since he wants to make a big move early on. This becomes the final nail in Wildcard's coffin, as Vito was quite close to Maize. At tribal council, Wildcard becomes the first unanimous boot of the season, going out in a 8-1 vote.
Episode 5: Vito starts to think that Irvin has been playing way too loyally, and he gets into a discussion with him that slowly devolves into a full-blown fight between them, but Vito, realizing that Irvin would make a bad enemy, tries to make it up to him, and it works. The Sinners win both reward and immunity, and they feel elated about it. Cornelius goes to Cap'n and proposes an alliance to him, allowing them to control things from behind the scenes with Maralyn. He also reveals that he has grown a disdain for Greg, and that they need to flip the numbers on him. They get Gwen and Kirk on board, or so they think, but Gwen blabs to Greg and their alliance, leading to Kirk to flip as well. They decide to vote Cornelius out due to him being the biggest gamer on the tribe, and he goes in a 5-3 vote.
Episode 6: The tribes pack up their things, anticipating a swap, but then the host announces that they will be competing for individual immunity on their tribe, and whoever wins will be safe from the double tribal council taking place that night. Maralyn wins for the Saints, and Vito wins for the Sinners. The Sinners also win reward, earning food to enjoy while they watch the other tribe go to tribal council. Witworth, Jessica, and Randall decide it was now or never to get rid of Maize, who had a fight with Randall earlier that day, but Vito, hearing about this, decides that Randall is the biggest sleaze on his tribe, and he needed to go as soon as possible. In his voting confessional, he states there can be only one sleazy guy on the tribe, and that was himself, so Randall had to go, and Randall becomes the sixth person voted out in a 5-3 vote, and he is bitter as all hell about it. At the Saints tribe, Cap'n becomes angry over the fact he cannot vote in the majority, and it makes the majority annoyed with him, so they decide to vote him off. Luckily for Cap'n, he still has an idol, so he and Maralyn vote for the most threatening player in their minds, Chelsea, and Cap'n plays his idol, sending Chelsea out of the game in a 2-0 vote.
Episode 7: After Chelsea's idol out, Cap'n officially became public enemy number one on his tribe, and he tries to find his rehidden idol, but Kirk finds it instead. Maralyn and Greg have a fight due to the food on their tribe running low, and morale being even lower. At the Sinners tribe, Nikki begins to be seen as an easy goat due to her one-sided loyalty to Vito. Morale at the Saints tribe dips even lower when they lose both reward and immunity. Not wanting to lose again,the majority decide to vote off their oldest member, Cap'n, as a last ditch attempt to prevent them from going on a losing streak. Cap'n and Maralyn vote for Greg, and Cap'n becomes the eighth person voted out in a 5-3 vote, missing out on the jury by one placement.
Episode 8: After Cap'n's vote out, there are only five members on the Saints tribe, compared to the Sinners having seven. The Sinners increase their winning streak by two by winning both reward and immunity. At the Sinners camp, Jessica and Witworth have another fight over the idol, with Jessica insisting that she keep it. This causes the rest of the tribe to be alerted to the fact that Jessica and Witworth have an idol, and Witworth becomes a target because of this. At the Saints tribe, the women form a tight three, and Kirk and Greg are forced to band together to survive. At tribal council, the three women stay strong, and Greg is voted out 3-2 and becomes the first member of the jury, leaving only four Saints left in the game.
Episode 9: With his back up against the wall, Kirk knows that he's probably gone next if he didn't have the idol, which ensured his survival until merge. The Saints finally win a challenge, a reward challenge, but lose immunity once again to the inflated egos of the Sinners. Not much else happens this episode, but Kirk tries to get Maralyn to flip and vote out Ava, but she disagrees to do so, and she votes for Gwen instead, making Kirk not trust her, and he decides to vote for her, while also playing his idol. This causes a 1-1-0 tie between Gwen and Maralyn, and Ava, misunderstanding what would happen if she forced a tie, votes for Gwen while Kirk votes for Maralyn, and Ava becomes the second person in King's Survivor history to be eliminated by default, due to there being no other options, and she becomes the second member of the jury
Episode 10: At long last, the tribes merge into the purple Ucurum tribe, meaning balance in Turkish. Left in the game is Witworth, Gwen, Irvin, Jessica, Kirk, Maize, Maralyn, Molly, Nikki, and Vito. At first, it seems like it would be Saint Vs Sinner, but Jessica and Witworth come to the three Saints left in the game, and they convince them to vote with them come tribal council. Vito wins his second immunity challenge of the season, and his target was Witworth for being the strongest male not in his alliance, and also for lying about not having an idol, which he believed was given to Jessica. At tribal council, the lines cause a 5-5 divide between Irvin and Witworth, and on the revote, Maralyn randomly decides to flip to avoid a tie, and Carter Witworth becomes the third member of the jury, and also another person to go out with an idol in their pocket. He is understandably pretty pissed about this ordeal, but wishes his tribe well.
Episode 11: The day after Witworth's blindside, the nine remaining contestants compete in a reward challenge, which the team containing Irvin, Maralyn, and Vito win. At the reward, Irvin and Vito realize how dangerous Maralyn could be after she starts trying to talk game with them. Soon afterwards, Maralyn finds the idol, and Jessica calls out Molly for following Vito almost blindly. Nikki wins the second post merge immunity challenge, and Vito tries to recruit Jessica for the vote, which succeeds. They then choose to target Maralyn, since she was the most threatening out of the three Saints, and the six remaining Sinners pin votes onto her. Unfortunately for them, Maralyn pulls out an idol, and the Saints vote for Irvin, a potential immunity threat, making him the fourth member of the jury in a 3-0 vote.
Episode 12: After Irvin's blindside, only two men are still in the game, compared to the six women. Nikki is able to find an idol, after thinking that she hasn't been playing hard enough, while Molly gets into a fight with Maralyn over the latter pulling out an idol, which she hadn't wanted her to do. Molly wins immunity, and it becomes a battle of the Saints Vs the Sinners, just like the theme of the season. The Saints go after Maize, wanting to weaken Vito further before going after him, but they are unable to swing anyone over and Vito, fueled by vengeance, gets his alliance to vote for Maralyn. In a 5-3 vote, Maralyn becomes the fifth member of the jury. Back at camp, the final seven become annoyed at Nikki's arrogance after being safe from being voted out, so she becomes a target for the two remaining Saints left. Kirk also becomes a target for being a perceived leader for Gwen, causing him to be target numero uno. After Kirk wins immunity, the target shifts from him to Gwen, due to her being perceived as not wanting to play the game, and rather would be along for the ride, which Vito found unpalatable. Kirk and Gwen then try to vote out Molly for her strength in challenges, and in the end, Gwen gets the boot in a 5-2 vote, making her the sixth juror.
Episode 13: With only six people left in the game, the final reward challenge takes place. Maize wins it, and she shares it with Vito, her closest ally, and Jessica, who her and Vito wanted to bring closer. Soon, they realize what a threat she could be, especially because she's a poker player, she becomes the biggest target instead of Kirk. Luckily for her, she wins immunity. Kirk tries to bond with Maize as a way to get Vito to not vote him out, but it backfires, and he becomes the biggest target yet again. At tribal council, he votes for Molly, but everyone else votes for him, making him the seventh juror in a 5-1 vote and completely eliminating the Saints from the game.
Finale: Jessica, Maize, Molly, Nikki, and Vito remain. Five players who had remarkably different playing styles, but all came from the same tribe. They compete in the second-to-last immunity challenge, which Maize wins, and the biggest target becomes Jessica again, who has proven herself to be the only player not following Vito, and only voting with him just to get further in the game. Vito does not feel the same way about keeping Jessica around, so he and his alliance with Nikki, Molly, and Maize vote for her, and Nikki plays her idol in case someone flipped on her, and Jessica becomes the eighth juror in a 4-0 vote. Back at camp, Vito feels incredibly cocky, and he tries to influence a fight, and he does so between Nikki and Maize. He then goes on to win final immunity, and Nikki tanks her own game with her fight with Maize, and everyone votes her out, causing her to become the ninth juror in a 3-1 vote. The final three consists of Maize, Molly, and Vito. Molly gets criticism for her lack of strategy, only using her social game to get far, and her challenge capabilities. Maize is seen as following too closely to Vito, but the jury is willing to vote for her if Vito tanks his jury speech. He does not, and explains his game in great detail, saying he started out forming a five person alliance on the first night, he commenced the Wildcard blindside, the Witworth blindside, the Jessica blindside, etc. He did it all, but the bonds he formed in the game were genuine, and he didn't intend his villainous backstabbing to be taken personal. In the end, he gets all the jury votes, even from two people he never met, Greg and Ava. Maralyn wins the Fan Favorite for standing up to Vito and her idol play.
Winner: Vito Luco, u/swoldow
Fan Favorite: Maralyn Sander, u/Void_Drone
Potential Returnees (yeah, I haven't done this in a while): Vito, Jessica, Kirk, Maralyn, WItworth, Ava, Cap'n, maybe Ardet, if I do a first boot season
Next season, will be the final season before season 35, I won't spoil the theme for 35, but trust me, it won't be a season to miss. Season 34 however, with the release of the new Island Of The Idols sim, it will feature two King's Survivor Idols, who will be revealed with the sign ups. Next season will be King's Survivor Venezuela: Island Of The Idols!
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MALL SKINCARE SCAM WRITEUP: Lionesse, because gems work like that

right so today I went to the mall for the first time since last february and I noticed a tiny little display for a skincare brand called lionesse. it was kind of in one of those enclaves built into the wall with glass in front if that makes sense? anyway I had never heard of the brand and the packaging looked expensive (note: not necessarily nice), so I looked it up.
they CLAIM that their skincare is infused with gems, but like. gems aren’t gonna do anything for your skin? in addition to skincare, they also sell hot hair tools and products.
I’m suspicious for a few reasons, which I’ll list below.
1) the prices are INSANE
they’re legitimately more expensive than la mer or la prairie, but with none of the name recognition. they sell something described as a ‘jade eye wand’ that reminds me of a microcurrent device for $1,750. ALMOST HALF MY TUITION THIS TERM. by comparison, nuface sells a microcurrent device for fine lines all over the face for $150. and I’ve actually heard of nuface.
what’s even worse is what they call their ‘new age syringe’. it’s nearly $1k on their site, but at least one reviewer said she purchased it for under $200. in this mercari listing you can see the nozzle is bare plastic— not very luxe in my book. why couldn’t they add some kind of massage component like many eye serums have? in addition, they have a $3K magnetic mask and a matching moisturizer for $1.5K.
I can totally understand some beauty products being expensive for legit reasons. that limited edition hachiko brush from beautylish isn’t something I’d ever buy, but I see $80 in handpainted japanese craftsmanship as understandable. for the price of one full regime from Lionesse, however, you could have many, many appointments with a cosmetic dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. which leads to...
2) many of their products are supposedly anti aging
we know that anti aging skincare is marked up even higher than regular skincare. someone in their 40s will have more disposable income for wrinkles than a teenager with hormonal acne— and wrinkles don’t go away on their own, as far as I know. there might be some truth to the fact that active ingredients for anti aging are more fragile and harder to formulate than other issues, but I still think the skincare industry takes advantage of womens’ insecurity over being older than 25 and therefore supposedly disposable to society. people are perfectly ready to drop big chunks of change on something that might make them look younger. lionesse is taking advantage of the fact that people are used to spending big bucks on anti aging to make their own even more expensive.
every single one of the most expensive products (even though it’s all expensive, with some weirdly cheap products like a $20 body creme) claims to ‘lift’ or take care of your fine lines and wrinkles. one $1.5K serum promises to make your wrinkles disappear overnight. to me, no single cream is worth that much. just... see a plastic surgeon for non-invasive options. there’s still a huge around plastic surgery, despite the fact that many, many people have done it. I think there should be an even bigger stigma around selling less than an ounce of product for that much money. at least plastic surgeons are licensed.
3) the locations in at least 2 reviews the customers say they bought eye serum from a casino in las vegas (one mentioned the luxor). at least 2 reviewers mentioned purchasing it at malls, one of which was in new mexico. many of the packaging has instructions in french and english, which makes me think that they’re also selling in quebec (I live in maine so it’s literally right there). many, many of the reviews specifically mention salespeople, and impulse buys at vacation spots like new orleans, hawaii and (vivaaaaa) las vegas.
4) the reviews most products have no reviews. for the products that do have reviews, almost all of them are 5 stars with some 4 star reviews sprinkled in. the reviews seem different enough that different people must have written them. I actually do think 4/5 star reviews are real— due to the 1 2 star review I found. in this one review from january of this year, the reviewer says 3 important things. one, she bought it in hawaii. two, the salesman was pushy even though it was way too expensive. three, she doesn’t understand how the product is any better than olay or l’oreal.
that review was also from january 2020, and the most recent one I found. the fact that there’s been NO new reviews on the site between then and now makes a lot of sense because people aren’t going on vacations right now where people typically like to go on vacation— or the places where lionesse stations itself. if most of their sales are in person, offline, they may have straight up not noticed the negative review.
the positive reviews actually mirror the 2 star one perfectly. many of them mention salespeople (‘thanks to the nice young lady’ or ‘shout out to XX at XX mall’ etc), which to me shows that their marketing strategy relies heavily on in person salespeople.
I have a lot of respect for salespeople because they usually know a lot more about the product than I do, and understand why you might go shopping elsewhere. I’ve even had salespeople at sephora whisper to me about a cheaper alternative I can find at ulta (lmao).
however, I really think it’s a bad sign when a product can’t move itself without someone to speak for it. I can read about the moisturizing factors in a face cream, decide it sounds legit and purchase it. lionesse products can’t speak for themselves at that price point because there’s nothing about them that’s actually worth $400-1,500.
SO, WHAT’S GOING ON? initially I thought lionesse might be an MLM, but I don’t actually think that’s true considering an MLM requires the downline to contact people they know in person. there’s 3 possibilities.
1) lionesse is a legit business with a smart business strategy (I think selling to tourists is actually a really smart idea... if you’re not a scammer) that makes superior products, whose worst crime is marking up their products astronomically (name a beauty brand that doesn’t). 2) lionesse manufactures average skincare, marks it up super high and has unaware salespeople who believe the product is genuinely worth that much money sell it. 3a) lionesse is repackaging cheaper skincare (like l’oreal) in nice looking packaging behind the scenes and having their aware or unaware salespeople shill it 3b) the salespeople themselves are 100% complicit and more than salespeople. they themselves repackage regularly priced skincare and mark it up. in either scenario, whenever they’re found out to be scammers they shut that location down. that’s why all their locations are temporary-ish— like mall kiosks and casino booths (?? no idea but let’s assume they’re renting).
what are your thoughts? I remember reading about a similar scam where a mall salesperson gave a sample of a much more luxe product, but the actual product was much cheaper. I couldn’t find the post but a lot of commenters were PISSED after someone posted their haul on the main SCA sub. the important thing to mention is that I don’t think anyone who buys lionesse is necessarily stupid— we can all easily get sucked in, especially when we’re away from home in an unfamiliar environment. I saw a lot of people calling the woman who posted that stupid, or a sucker, which is really mean in my eyes. she already dumped $2.5K on a scam, do you really need to shit on her too?
I personally think the truth is somewhere between 2 and 3– they’re buying a cheap base, mixing a miniscule amount of diamond/turd powder in, and spending slightly more on packaging. I do think that the salespeople may be aware on some level that this is almost certainly a scam, but my best guess is they range from ‘naive’ to ‘super jaded but wants the money’.
do you have experience with this brand or similar ones? do you have a location near you? what’s your friendly local mall skincare scam?
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Gaming in Las Vegas

Gaming in Las Vegas
A casino is generally a place of gaming for particular sorts of gambling games. Casinos can be found close to indoors, or adjacent to popular resorts, tourist hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, retail shops, and a number of other tourist attractions. Cases in Italy include the Casino di Imperia in Triompany, Italy; the Casino delle Acqui e Coin in Acqui; the Casino Perloga at Piacenza, Italy; the Casino Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Anfi; along with the Casino degli Studi in Modena, Italy. The Venetian Casino stands at Pula, Italy. In United States, Las Vegas is frequently included within this category คาสิโน.
In the USA, there are roughly 700 licensed casinos, and almost as many unlicensed ones. In total, there are about two hundred accredited casinos, compared to one hundred or so unlicensed ones. Licensed casinos are subject to all applicable laws and regulations regarding gaming and bonded and insured providers and employees. Unlicensed casinos, on the other hand, are generally not subject to applicable laws regarding gambling and might operate almost everywhere.
The very best way to get into a casino from the United States or any other nation is to go through a few of the many foreign casinos which are based here. Back in Macau alone, there are just three casinos which are completely or partially open to everybody, including visitors from the mainland United States. The Bellagio Hotel and Casino, the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, and the Monte Carlo Casino are located near the main section of Macau City. The Beach Resort Casino in Negril, Jamaica, is another casino that is open to people traveling in the USA. These casinos are fully-enclosed and equipped with all of the Most Recent gaming gear, such as Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Sic Bo, Video Poker, Live Betting, Slot Machines, Roulette Tote, Wheel of Fortune, and more.
Las Vegas is home to a number of the most lavish gaming establishments on the planet. It has arguably the best set of gambling and entertainment facilities anywhere on earth. Obviously, like anywhere else, there are a number of low excellent gambling establishments too. A lot of people travel to Las Vegas in the United States do not recognize the legitimate casinos till they arrive at their hotel and begin to gamble. The ideal way to avoid being scammed is to make sure that you research any casino that you intend to visit before you leave on your trip. There are a number of good informational sites available to help you to get the info that you want.
Atlantic City is another fantastic destination for visitors looking to gamble their way to riches. The highly regarded Venetian Resort Casino is a landmark in Atlantic City. The hotel overlooks one of the most historic and beautiful squares in all of New Jersey. Another casino in Atlantic City is your Venetian Playhouse. This casino includes interactive displays, video games, roulette, slot machines, food courts, billiard tables, and much more. If you're interested in gaming, this is probably the best place in Atlantic City to see.
Several other casinos are located across the Atlantic city. In addition to the aforementioned casinos, Las Vegas Sands Corp. owns a number of places in Atlantic City. The company also owns the currently closed Harrah's Lake Bingo Casino. Along with these two possessions, the Atlantic city also has the Bellagio Hotel and the Monte Carlo Resort.
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[S] Capy's Survivor: One World (S24)

Hello! Welcome or welcome back to Capy's Survivor! We are once again playing the game of outwitting, outplaying, and outlasting your fellow castaways, whether that be by flirtatious behavior, backstabbing your opponents, or making plenty of allies. This is Capy's Survivor: One World! I will not be doing write-ups with the posts because I don't have time. I will instead work on them while I can, and post a post with some of them once I'm done.
Meet the Castaways:
Manono Tribe:
Salani Tribe:

Season: Capy's Survivor: One World
18th - The Manono tribe quickly became a world divided (ironic) as R2, Forrest, and Michael decided to form a Final 3 pact. The others heard of this, and Brett, Carter, Harley, Karl, and Shawn formed another alliance to counter it. Zed decided to stay on the outside, as he didn’t feel comfortable aligning with anyone this early. Since they had majority, the 5-person alliance decided to try to take the easy way out, and vote for the leader of the opposing alliance, R2. Little did they know, R2 had an idol, sending Karl packing in a 5*-4 vote. Eliminated: Karl
17th - Much like their fellow tribe, Salani also became a war between 2 alliances, those being Angel-Tori-Toni and ChadBane-Josie-Katrina. Knowing flippers are dangerous, ChadBane-Josie-Katrine decided to vote out one of the swing votes, Lela. Angel-Tori-Toni decided on Katrina, seeing her as a goat to the opposite side, which they did not want moving ahead, they obviously managed to get Lela’s vote. But, ChadBane, Katrine, and Josie managed to convince the other 2, Dixie and Ximena, to flip to their side. Sending Lela packing 5-4. Eliminated: Lela
16th - Manono was back to tribal council. It was a tribe divided between Brett-Carter-Harley-Shawn and Forrest-Michael-R2, alongside swing vote Zed. Zed decided to stick with the 3, because the other 4 were being bullies among the tribe, and just seen as threats. Both sides decided to vote the opposing sides leader-figure, being R2 and Brett. It was a 4-4, but Shawn realized he was only hurting his game by staying loyal to the alliance, so he decided to flip. Sending Brett home on a 4-4; 4-2 vote. Eliminated: Brett.
15th - Salani was back at tribal. The alliances were still going strong. With Ximena and Dixie still in the middle. But, Ximena was trying to be a villainous switch, and the 2 alliances said they only needed 1 swing vote to gain a majority, and that Ximena was being untrustworthy, and they can’t keep someone like that until the merge, because she just had a clashing personality with the rest of the tribe, and it wasn’t sitting well. But, little did they know, Ximena had an idol. So she decided that Toni was her biggest adversary currently in the game, and personally. So she sent her home 7*-1. Eliminated: Toni.
14th - A tribe swap occurs, putting Angel, Dixie, Josie, Katrina, Michael, Tori and Zed onto Manono. With Carter, ChadBane, Forrest, Harley, R2, Shawn, and Ximena on Salani. Salani wins the first post-swap immunity, sending Manono to Tribal Council. Ximena manages to find the Salani idol, meaning Forrest (who found the original Manono idol) and Ximena have idols. At the Manono camp, Tori is already making bad first impressions on Michael and Zed, when they approach the other woman, they agree that they need to take her out. But this is secretly just because the other woman just don’t get along well with Tori, and they don’t want her putting the woman at a disadvantage in the future. So by a unanimous vote of 6-1, Tori is sent packing. Eliminated: Tori.
13th - Salani wins another immunity challenge, sending Manono back to the tribal council. Where Zed and Angel have a fight, and the rest of the tribe has had enough of their little rivalry. But, wanting to be in the good with the men coming into the merge, Josie, Dixie, and Katrine decide it will be the best to vote Angel out, even if it does give them a slight disadvantage. Angel goes out in a 4-2. Eliminated: Angel
12th - The merge occurs, which means Carter, ChadBane, Dixie, Forrest, Harley, Josie, Katrina, Michael, R2, Shawn, Ximena, and Zed made the merge. Katrina wins the first immunity challenge. Back at camp, being very divided during the swap, the alliance of Josie, Michael, Zed, Katrina, and Dixie quickly dissolves. Everyone is targeting Ximena, not knowing she has another idol. But Zed wants to try and help a fellow former swing vote. So he tries to rally the girls in an attempt to boot a guy, but they don’t listen. It was a 10-2 for Ximena, but she uses her idol. Blindsiding Carter. Eliminated: Carter.
11th - ChadBane wins the immunity challenge. Knowing there is no hope anymore for Ximena, Zed decides to try to decrease the target on his back by flipping back over to the other side of the vote, as he knows there is no way he will get votes. Ximena goes out in a 10-1 vote. Eliminated: Ximena
10th - ChadBane wins their second immunity in a row. Back at camp, in an attempt to improve his social game, Zed goes and talks to Josie, and they end up bonding a lot. The girls decide that they need to stop trying to vote out their own, as they are down 6-4 in numbers. Luckily for them, R2, Forrest, and Michael decide it will be for the best to vote out Shawn, as he is doing good in the challenges and has a natural charm. They manage to get Zed on board, as he feels like he is on the outside. The women feel like this is a perfect opportunity to take. Shawn is blindsided 8-2. Eliminated: Shawn.
9th - ChadBane wins their third immunity in a row. Seeing him as a major social and strategic threat on the other side, the girls decide that R2 is their biggest adversary. R2 is also targeting Dixie with all the guys because she is seen as a goat to some of the girls, and she can’t make it to the end. Zed ends up flipping in favor of the girls, as he sees R2’s threat level, and is still trying to seal cracks from defending Ximena. But, R2 knows that the girls being quiet towards his is probably not a good sign, and plays his new-found idol just in case. Blindsiding Dixie 5*-4. Eliminated: Dixie.
8th - R2 manages to win immunity, foiling Zed and the girl’s plans of attempting to flip someone in a tie. The girls decide to target R2’s right hand man, Harley. While the guys decide that challenge beat, ChadBane is their biggest target. Zed, the swing vote, is thinking. now with the girls being in a minority instead of a tied majority, and him seeing ChadBane as a bigger threat, he decides to flip back with the guys. Yet another blindside, with ChadBane going out 5-3. Eliminated: ChadBane.
7th - R2 snags another immunity win. Zed is attempting to reconcile his relationship and alliance with Michael. It works, and he manages to convince Michael that they are not priority, that they are not the priority with the guys, and they will take them out whenever they have a chance. They decide that going with the girls target of Forrest would be good. R2, Forrest, and Harley figure that this is happening, as Michael has been strangely quiet towards them. R2 decides that they are too smart to go for the same target twice in a row, and he tells Forrest to play his idol on himself. He does, blocking 5 votes, and blindsiding Josie. Eliminated: Josie.
6th - Katrina wins her second immunity, pitting the guys against each other. Both alliances approach Katrina, with Zed-Michael targeting R2, and R2-Forrest-Harley targeting Michael. Katrina decides that taking the risky move, and forcing a tie with R2 and Michael is the best bet, as someone might flip to their side, seeing as R2 is a major threat. It does tie, Zed and Katrina know that flipping to Michael is very stupid. Forrest and Harley decide that, even though he is a threat, they will make it farther in the game with R2, and having an 100% chance of losing an ally is better than a 50% chance, it ties again. Forrest, Harley, and Zed draw rocks. Forrest draws the black rock, and is promptly eliminated. Eliminated: Forrest.
5th - R2 wins his third immunity. But, he is also panicking, as he just lost one of his intended goats, and might not be able to save his other, Harley. He gathers Zed, Michael, and Harley and tell them that they need to stick with their original alliance. Michael and Zed find this plan good, as it guarantees them a spot. But, they didn’t expect that R2 does not trust them, and he knows Michael is well spoken, and a jury threat. So he decides last-minute to round up Katrina and Harley to blindside him. Michael joins the many people blindsided this season, going out in a 3-2. Eliminated: Michael.
4th - R2 manages to win Final Immunity, which means he won 4 immunities in all. Wanting his game-long enemy, Zed, out R2 decides that even though bringing Katrina will lose him a few votes, he should take Zed out just in case. Zed is the last one to go home by a 3-1 vote. Eliminated: Zed.
Final Tribal Council - R2 manages to win by a vote of 7-2-0, for his well-rounded game, winning 4 immunities, being one of the better strategists this season, orchestrating many blindsides, and playing a great social game. Katrina manages to gather 2 because of her challenge wins and because Dixie and ChadBane were bitter about how they went out. Harley did…. pretty much nothing, so he didn’t get any votes.
My thoughts - One of the better seasons in a while. Dominant winner, but also well-rounded. Definitely deserved it. The sheer amount of blindsides and people getting idoled out was overwhelming at times, but also fun to watch. With being on the bottom of the totem pole the whole game, Zed really managed to work it out, I would’ve liked to see a Katrina-Zed-R2 Final 3. I would like to see how that would work out. All-in-all, a good season. I give it a 6.5/10.
Potential Returnees: R2, Katrina, Zed, Forrest, Josie, ChadBane, Ximena
Leave your thoughts down below!
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Your Pre Market Brief for 07/24/2020

Pre Market Brief for Friday July 24th 2020

You can subscribe to the daily 4:00 AM Pre Market Brief on The Twitter Link Here . Alerts in the tweets will direct you to the daily 4:00 AM Pre Market Brief in this sub.
Morning Research and Trading Prep Tool Kit
The Ultimate Quick Resource For the Amateur Trader.
Updated as of 3:30 AM EST
Stock Futures:
Thursday 07/23/2020 News and Markets Recap:
Friday July 24th 2020 Economic Calendar (All times are Eastern)
(Home Sales and Oil Rig Count Today)
News Heading into Friday July 24th 2020
COVID-19 Stats and News:
Macro Considerations:
Most Recent SEC Filings
Morning Research and Trading Prep Tool Kit
Other Useful Resources:
The Ultimate Quick Resource For the Amateur Trader.
Subscribe to This Brief and the daily 4:00 AM Pre Market Brief on The Twitter Link Here . Alerts in the tweets will direct you to the daily brief in this sub
It is up to you to judge the accuracy and veracity of these headlines before trading.
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By request: My Recap of the Leaked Tell-All video.

A slow descent into madness: an exhaustive recap of the tell all leak
Supposedly the leaked video (clocking in at 10+ hours) was the second day filming.
I watched the entire thing. This is a rambling list of the thoughts going through my mind while watching, and a fairly comprehensive timeline / summary of events, or at least the juiciest parts. I believe it becomes fairly obvious when my mental state started to decline - I was well into the 5th hour by then.
Part 1: David
The show begins an hour into the video.
A lot of time was spent on David. Asking David the same questions, hoping he’d get a clue. Instead he doubled down on his delusion.
David started in this endeavor by going on two trips with a friend over 20 years ago. He states he did not like it - 25 guys meeting 400 women in a big bar. He said it was horrible - he called the women aggressive and professional daters. He went on another trip with 10 guys meeting maybe 40 women in different cities. He describes receiving catalogs of women and selecting specific ones to meet on the trip. A friend he met on one of these trips introduced him to a web site in 2007.
Lana does not work for the web site or get paid. According to David, the web sites are US sites, they contract through the agency that vets the “girls”. He insists Lana derives no income from the web site or agency. It’s illegal for him to contact her directly? He pays in order to not be scammed.
He has known Lana for 7 years. She was too young at the start - he won’t “date” anyone under 25. He wasn’t talking to Lana for 2.5 years. He’s “dated” 30 girls in Ukraine when he wasn’t talking to Lana. He’s been to Ukraine 20 times. He’s been engaged twice to women over there (and twice in America.)
David says Lana is very poor. Has very few clothes and possessions. She only has five pairs of shoes and gets a new pair of sneakers every 3 years or so. She doesn’t speak English. He bought her an iPhone to talk directly but she doesn’t like the keyboard because of her long fingernails. She can’t talk directly to him on the computer because the agency owns the laptop and monitors activity.
He’s spent $250,000 to $300,000 on “dating” on these sites. He claims he’s a millionaire so the money is no object.
Friends of David appear, say their piece, then disappear.
Cesar appears. David had talked to Maria years ago. Said she was high maintenance.
Yolanda and Usman join in. Usman has poor connection. Usman leaves.
A wild Tom appears. Tom compliments Yolanda’s weight loss. Says he’s not hitting on her, just complimenting her.
Tom doesn’t watch much of the show. Says David is his “fast forward couple”.
Cesar says he visited Maria. Maria wasn’t happy he showed up. But she met him, they took photos, she asked to see his phone and he realized later she deleted the photos. They spent 10 days together, he got a couple of pecks on the cheek and lips? But no intimacy. Specified no tongue. Maria was “pissed off” that he showed up, refused to meet Cesar if the cameras were there. Wanted him to buy her a $500 pair of shoes and $300 dinner.
Tom asks if he packed the chocolate panties. Cesar said he took the beaded candy ones.
Yolanda said Cesar DMd her and left his phone number. Cesar says Yolanda is beautiful and that he “loves chocolate” with a Pervy laugh. But he says he was just reaching out as friends. Shaun asks Cesar if he DMs Tom. Tom confirms that he did, and that the alumni reach out to each other.
Shaun asks Yolanda if she would date Cesar, she replies with an emphatic no.
David went back to Ukraine and met Lana. They kissed, no other intimacy. He proposed, she accepted (they show clips.) Lana is still on the dating sites. David is still on the dating sites because Lana is. Lana is still on the site because that’s where her only friends are, David basically describes her as a shut in with no friends.
At one point later in the show he drops the bombshell “love has nothing to do with it.”
Ed appears. He’s holding Teddy (against the dog’s will) on his lap. Ed shouts into his mic. He yells repeatedly about David being scammed for the better part of 18 minutes.
David gets excitable. Yells about this being bullshit. Yells at Tom that Darcey was still talking to other guys.
The current status of the relationship? David thinks they’re not together. He hasn’t communicated with Lana in 6 days. But their engagement hasn’t been broken. So they’re engaged but no longer together?
Lana refuses to participate because she’s getting hate mail from guys who have seen the show accusing her of being a scammer.
Stephanie appears.
Stephanie says she thinks it’s disgusting that Lana is being discussed like she’s a commodity. Points out that their relationship is transactional. David and Ed are screaming at each other over her. Stephanie Commends David for not worrying about spending $100,000 while Ed freaked out about spending $2.
A clip of David proposing to Lana with a prop fake ring shows. David says the jeweler advises not buying a real diamond because he didn’t know her ring size. Says she wants to choose her own ring.
Return to Ed and David arguing.
Usman appears.
David is getting heated.
Bottom Line: David’s retiring to move to Ukraine, but started the K1 process.
Shaun wraps the segment with David still arguing at the 3-hour mark. Shaun leaves (possibly to drink heavily - I would be if I was her.) I forgot to note that at some point Tom made a remark to Ed about him not being able to see his toes. It was a joke, but went completely missed by everyone else.
David, Ed, Stephanie and Usman chit chat. Usman sings a bit.
Part 2: Yolanda
We resume at 3:30 with Yolanda.
Yolanda had the flu at the beginning of December. She was in a coma for a month and was on a ventilator for 3 weeks. Her kidneys and liver were failing. Her doctor now believes she had Covid-19.
She did not hear from Williams during that time. She heard from him just a couple of months ago. She didn’t tell him about her coma, he was talking about his aunt dying so it “didn’t come up.”
He didn’t reach out directly, he went through “sweetberry” (?) on Instagram to ask if he could contact her again.
Yolanda’s daughter and a PI the daughter hired join in. PI says the accounts have ties to Nigerian scammers.
Usman joins. He knows nothing about Nigerian scammers, doubts they’re Nigerian.
Usman leaves. Darcey joins. She’s wearing a platinum blonde wig, primping a bit, trying to center herself on the bed she’s sitting on. She’s nodding along to absolutely nothing, shaking her head and smiling periodically like she’s involved in a totally different conversation than we are seeing.
Daughter and PI leave. Shaun asks Darcey what she thinks about Yolanda and Williams. Darcey goes into a spiel about being a target and people on IG preying on her. Starts talking about Jesse and Tom. Says she spent a lot of money on Jesse, says she helped Tom financially and bought him clothes and gifts. Goes into a tangent of non-specific items, won’t provide a direct answer on how much she spent but finally claims she spent $2000 on Tom.
Erika appears.
Shaun tries to get back on the topic of Yolanda and Willams. Shaun asks Erika about her opinion on The Williams mystery IG account and the blackmail.
Darcey uses that opportunity to talk about being targeted by a “network of people” that was calculated by “people in different countries to target certain people around the world.”
“Maybe Nigeria was a part of it, Maybe England was a part of it”. After Tom, Darcey says she met someone who targeted her, says it was a couple she knew and Tom was a part of it, says IP addresses traced to Nottingham and there’s a network of people targeting women around the world.
Darcey claims her second time in Amsterdam she was robbed while shopping after Jesse told her to leave her passport if she was going out shopping. Later says pickpocketed. Implies that the robbery was a setup by Jesse.
Shaun tries to redirect the subject back to Yolanda and Williams.
Lisa appears.
Lisa jumps right in with her expertise about Yahoo Boys, G-Men and grooming people. Darcey drops off and Usman reappears.
Lisa’s gravelly voice takes on a fake Nigerian accent as they yell “baby love” at each other.
Lisa goes on about her social media expertise. Explains the three different cultures of Nigeria. She tells Yolanda to join the Facebook Group SSA: Scamming Scammers Action that Lisa is a big part of.
They convince Yolanda to try to call Williams on speakerphone. No answer.
Lisa is also an expert in African and Nigerian accents FYI.
Erika leaves. David reappears.
Lisa dominates the conversation. Keeps recounting conversations and events of hackings and stuff.
Lisa starts talking about Blood Rituals. Sacrifices. Money rituals. Voodoo dolls. Kidnappings. Killing people to bring luck in scamming people. They believe in black magic and juju. Lisa and Usman keep interrupting each other. Usman has never heard of this. Lisa insists this is real. Go to SSA on Facebook, all the proof is there.
Yolanda, David and Shaun are stunned silent.
Usman is trying to fact check Lisa’s completely far-fetched theories. Lisa purses her beak.
Finally, Shaun redirects.
Yolanda says she’s done. If she hears from Williams again she’s done.
Yolanda is getting DMs all the time offering to FaceTime her. David tells her to go get her Groove back in Jamaica. Yolanda and David both get DMs encouraging them to hook up since they’re both in Vegas.
We are 5 hours 10 minutes in. Let’s see a clip! We see Lana before she met David. She’s at the gym. She’s walking around Kiev in a silver puffer jacket and Nikes. She using her iPhone (with her short nails) to take pictures. She’s shopping for makeup. She’s sipping a latte in a cafe while typing on her laptop. She’s talking to a friend on her iPhone. She talks about America. She knows that you can get married quickly in Las Vegas. She tells her friend she has an exciting day tomorrow “I’m meeting an American.” Her friend asks if he’s wealthy.
Shaun points out the inconsistencies in Lana’s apparent poverty and David’s understanding of her circumstances. David says “that’s not real”.
We spent the next 10 minutes or so with Yolanda, Usman, Lisa and Shaun trying to talk some sense into David. It doesn’t work.
Shaun leaves for a break.
Ash appears. We spend the next while discussing quarantine. Ash hadn’t heard about Yolanda being sick, his eyes get wide when he hears her coma tale.
They’re talking about lockdowns and restrictions and being able to go where you want. David thinks they’re talking about Ash being able to visit the US on his Australian passport.
Lisa’s ex-husband just got out of prison.
David lives in a rental house that’s being sold in a month.
Yolanda asks if people read their tweets.
Lisa has a stalker with 25 accounts. Lisa now has her phone number and address. She’s going to have her arrested and “put charges against her”.
David gets death threats.
Back to Yolanda and the Covid.
David leaves.
Tom returns. He asks how many bottles of lube Lisa and Usman used raw dogging it. She said none - I’m guessing she just peed on him a la Dinyell.
More R-rated banter. Lisa tells Tom to ask about Usman refusing to join the mile high club.
Ash looks stunned into silence. Maybe a bit frightened. He’s retreated to his nothing box.
Usman tries to explain about the 70%, that it’s a B and a compliment. Tom asks why she paid twice the going rate for a goat.
Lots of goat talk. Peeing goat talk. Showering the goat. Walking in sandals through mud and goat shit.
Tom makes a crack about not being the only cast members showering with animals. Ash asks about Ed showering with Rosemarie’s father? Then his feed goes out.
Lisa starts talking about gross food. Tom are goat brain in Albania. Lisa starts everything with “Usman, tell them about the time...” then just talks over him to tell the story herself.
Stephanie appears.
Ed appears.
Usman leaves. Lisa tells them about the armed convoy everywhere they went. Ed wants to know about the goat. More goat tales.
7 hour 10 minute mark.
Part 3: Lisa and Usman
Shaun is back with Lisa and Usman. We lose Usman.
Lisa had surgery.
She hurt her baby toe before going to Nigeria. Ruptured a blood vessel. It swelled up in Africa. Returned to the US with a dead/dying toe. Got infected, went gangrenous, was amputated.
Usman returns.
The next segment is insufferable.
Usman says Lisa calls him a N***** frequently. Lisa screams about opening a can of worms.
Usman asks if American women are all like this.
Lisa and Usman are married but keep blocking each other.
Lisa is Usman’s first serious relationship.
Lisa freaks out about women on Usman’s comments and in his DMs.
Says she’s seen the other girls Usman dated, they’re “3 times my size”.
They fight about Trish Playtas.
Lisa talks over Usman. Yells, curses, threatens.
Enter Giant and Aba (?) after 25 minutes of toxic bullshit.
Lisa talks about getting “gangbanged”. (I think she means ganged up on, but she’s so cringe who can tell.)
Lisa has a screaming match. Hangs up because she was “mistreated and disrespected”.
Enter Lisa’s friend Nikki.
Nikki screams about disrespect for the next forever. Lisa returns.
There’s endless raspy screeching about bitches, clowns, motherfuckers and more disrespect. Fuck you. Fuck outta here.
Shaun loses all control.
Aba and Nikki scream at each other some more.
Shaun gives up. She is writing something just below the screen. I suspect it’s her resignation letter.
Finally Shaun redirects the conversation. She brings up the polygamy.
If Lisa has an egg and can tote it, Usman doesn’t want another wife. If Lisa can’t squat and hatch Usman’s offspring, he will take another wife.
Cue Lisa’s expertise on polygamy.
Clip Roll: the night before the wedding, Lisa storms off and disrespects Usman’s brothers the night before the wedding.
Lisa cackles.
Avery and Ed appear.
Usman and Lisa keep arguing.
Shaun asks Avery’s perception. Avery asks “where is the love?” All she sees is them screaming over each other and assert themselves.
Before Lisa can respond Ed jumps in.
Lisa calls the kettle black and says Avery and Ed aren’t portrayed well.
Ed started to watch the show after he decided to be on it.
Ed compliments Usman for being calm and respectful and not using any foul words.
Lisa Cackles. Ed calls her a bull in a china shop “no disrespect”. Says he thought she was the definition of a narcissist, but says she’s actually the definition of delusional.
Lisa interrupts. Usman starts singing. Lisa and Ed scream over each other. Lisa tells Avery to shut up, says she went on Ed’s live drunk and making an ass of herself. Ed keeps screaming “delusional”. Lisa calls Avery a drunk. Avery tells Usman “not all American women are like that”, Lisa rebounds with “that’s why Ash dumped your ass.” Ed tells Usman there are many more nicer women.
Ed: she treated you like a piece of shit. She treated you like a slave.
Lisa: you are a piece of shit!
Ed: you made America Sick!
Lisa: Ed Fuck You! Fuck You!
Lisa: you abused Rose to go on this show because no fucking other woman would! You fucking used her (x 5). Shut the fuck up.
More screaming over each other.
Usman begs Ed to calm down.
Lisa: you’re going to let this fucking pervert who’s got charges for sexual harassment... you’re going to let this idiot come at me with the fucking charges he’s got? This fucking pervert has been grooming women. The women are coming out of the woodwork saying Ed has molested them, he’s groomed them, and god only knows what the fuck else he did to them.
More screaming.
Ed: the internet is fake!
Lisa: Harry (producer) remove these two right now!
Lisa calls them Thing 1 and Thing 2 and demands Harry remove them.
Ed gets cut.
Lisa continues to scream at Avery about glass houses.
Tom appears.
Usman is yelling now.
Shaun tries to gain control.
Tom: I was nervous delivering that letter to Darcey but coming in to this conversation is wild!
Shaun brings up the polygamy subject again.
Lisa might move to Nigeria for The Other Way.
Shaun disappears.
Avery drops.
Lisa says “Tom, this is all for show. It’s a dog and horse, pony show I call it.”
Tom blows smoke up her ass. His idea of love is apparently jealousy, anger and disrespect. He says it’s obvious they love each other because apparently only people truly in love can be that hateful and vicious and angry to each other.
Shaun is back. Darcey appears. Usman is singing. Darcey is swaying to Soja Boy, slurring, “do it big! Lisa, Be the queen!”
Darcey’s been in the sauce.
Usman tells Lisa to cover her bra.
More second wife talk.
Tom asks a question about what kind of second wife Usman would have. Darcey says something. Shaun asks Lisa a question. Usman freaks out and screams “Tom asked me a question, let me answer the question”. This leads to Lisa screaming at Shaun about disrespecting Usman, screams at the producer “you better tell this hostess to shut her mouth” shut up! Shut up!”
Usman keeps yelling. Shaun trying to calm everyone.
Lisa: Barb! Barb! Barb! Do you hear me? It’s time to cut her now! Barb! Cut her now! Barb! Cut the fucking thing, cut it now! She’s disrespecting Usman! Fucking stop it! Stop it barb! Fuck off!
Darcey looks like a confused bobble head.
Lisa hangs up.
Usman and Darcey talk about Trish Playtas.
Darcey: things are don’t differently in America, I’ve been in the entertainment industry way before Tom, way before Jesse.
Usman starts to explain going live with Trish.
Lisa returns.
Part 4: Wrap Ups and “where does your relationship stand?”
Shaun turns to Darcey and Tom, asks where the future of their relationship is. Lisa and Usman respond loudly, not letting them talk.
Finally, Lisa and Usman are gone.
Tom: friends maybe blah blah blah great mom, good person, wish you the best.
Darcey: my journey, my daughters, my brother who passed blah blah blah don’t want toxic negativity
Ash and Avery return: same question
Ash is worried about his hair being cut off on the screen.
Ash started the journey with the intent to propose. Says he loves her. Breaking up was the hardest thing. Future is going to be looking after his family.
Ash answers the question in a concise, straight forward manner.
Just kidding. He uses a lot of words to absolutely avoid answering anything.
Avery says this is a hard question to ask someone who just separated. She trails off. I think... I don’t... I wanted... honestly...
Erika and Stephanie return: where do you stand?
Not even friends. Can they ever be friends?
Stephanie says best case is friends from afar.
Erika says they’ve been friends and fought many many times. She came in today wanting to speak and wasn’t able to do that, but doesn’t hold any hate. It’s going to be hard to see any of this in a positive light.
Erika didn’t get a change to express that she took a big step coming out to her parents then Stephanie dumped her the next morning.
Stephanie came out to her mom too apparently, but it wasn’t like Erika’s coming out (receptive and kind).
Pick up lines:
Asking what they’ve been doing during the quarantine, will air at the beginning of the show.
(Erika makes earrings!)
Shaun has to rephrase the question to Stephanie to ask specifically about... HER ILLNESS!
Bet you didn’t see that one coming.
Yolanda wrap up: no more online dating. She’s going to meet men at the market or the casino. Old school.
Ed wrap up: who cares.
Ok. I guess we do.
Shaun asks about the shower. I just can’t listen to him anymore. Then she asks about the first night they were intimate. I’m going to barf.
Ed takes full responsibility for “not the things I did, but the way I did them”. Rose is mad at him right now. She wanted to reconcile February 9.
Ed is taking a break from dating (sorry ladies!) but Rose taught him to love again and “she didn’t destroy me like my first marriage did.”
His mom is moving in with him. But she’s a nurse so hasn’t moved in yet. Ed’s mom is a nurse caring for a young child with a tracheostomy.
Ed sucks, but a round of applause for Mother Ed is deserved.
David wrap up:
David is going to retire earlier than planned because of the recession resulting from the quarantine.
Shaun asks about the first kiss.
David says something about bowling. He bowls 4 strikes with Lana.
The girls in Ukraine love bowling but don’t get to do that. So he takes them. He bets kisses for every strike he bowls.
Lana is upset over the publicity from the show. Gets physically ill in front of the camera.
If she won’t come to the US or dumps him, he will live part time in the Ukraine - 3 months at a time - to continue dating women there.
It’s over. Thank God.
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Any IOS games that you can earn money/gift cards/rewards from playing?

All the games that advertise this usually are complete scams. Another game I play is called MyVEGAS slots where you actually do earn loyalty points by playing, and can redeem vacations and free credits at casinos in Las Vegas. However I am looking for something that is more practical. It can even be just walmart gift cards or anything really, just not Las Vegas vacations or cruises for free.
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Never buy from Hashtaggamer.

Please never ever buy from Hashtaggamer in any circumstances, they are full of scammers with a broken reputation of "Excellent Seller" that is faker than China's coronavirus deaths statistics. I recently purchased a 20USD online since covid19 and I want that new CK3 game. I was new to G2A but made some purchases before so I bought a 20USD from Hashtaggamer. The paying process was unusually long and I thought my debit card was just not making the purchase. So I just rebought it and everything went well with the code working fine. When I went to the dashboard, it shows that I bought two, no biggy its just an extra 20 bucks and I could save up for the new Cyberpunk 2077 game later the year. Doesn't work since it got redeemed by someone else, so obviously I gave a negative review since the code doesn't work. Got a response a day later asking the problem and always bringing up the change the review. Since I am new to G2A, I thought I could change the review anytime I want so I happily complied after I kept refusing. I didn't do my research enough since after I did that and went and did my research, there were recent complaints relating to my situation, in which they were scammed the same way. I went to see reviews and comments that were made in the 20USD steam card store and saw a bunch of people who were scammed the same way, where they complained about the steam card being used and still gave a positive rating.
They lower the price of the steam card or increase it since its covid19 but generally make it as low as then can so they become the first option. You like Las Vegas, where you better hope you get lucky since the probability of you getting the code right is an 8/10. Since seeing how many problems people keep having with used codes in just a day is mindblowing. I could see that its just like in a casino since one of the cards that I bought from him worked and the other didn't. They persuade you to change the rating and then you just leave you in a ditch afterwards. If you are still buying from him/her and still have no issues, I pray that your luck with last. G2A is getting a lot of visitors nowadays due to covid19. If it wasn't for covid19, I would've gone to the nearest store and bought the card with cash money. Unfortunately, G2A is like NordVPN or Raidshadowslegends, all promotions but poor service. Some sellers are amazing, but people like Hashtaggamer are getting away from all of this since they are one of the sellers that provide a lot of money for the website. This is like if I remove or break a part of a component of a computer and sell it to you, which you bring back to repair a few months later; thus, more money to me. Same concept but more of a fun chance game. Don't buy from Hashtaggamer, I swear to god.
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The General - Broken Down

the tenth one...

CHERUB characters - 10/10
Very strong here. We see basically every character in this book which is rare, and is definitely an improvement on The Sleepwalker. Firstly, we see a lot of James which is great, we see a lot of the younger crowd on the security test mission at the start, and of course we see Kyle returning at the football match scene, and then we see basically everyone on the training exercise. It seems like we see a perfect amount of everyone here, which is fantastic. A very strong start for The General.
Campus scenes - 710
The campus scenes here are limited however the main ones are the football game, and then Christmas day. I think these are very strong, and I love the return of Kyle, even if this is brief. I also love the fight between James and Michael, and I think it's a good end to the Dana-era. The scenes on Christmas day are also great, and I like in particular the scenes with Kazakov. Overall, quite good.
The mission - 8/10
So I'm going to count four missions here: SAG, Security test, Training exercise, and Casino scam. The casino scam isn't strictly a mission however it's definitely not a campus scene so I guess it falls here. Firstly, I like the SAG mission, and I think it's a great example of a mission with James as an older person, as we really don't see many of those. I also like the security test mission, especially with the trashing and Jake getting bitten on the arse by a dog. The training exercise is fairly boring to me however it seems to be very popular so I'll say it's good. Also, the casino scam has never really been too good for some reason, however again it's very popular, so I'll say it's good. I mainly love the variety here, and these missions are very popular so I think I have to give it a high score.
The villains - 3/10
The villains are Chris Bradford, who only has two scenes, and then...General Shirley? Definitely The General's weakest category. Christ Bradford is great but only featured for a small part of the book, and then we don't really get another villain. Really not much to say here, pretty bad overall.
The 'Junior Moore' character - 2/10
We really don't get anything near a 'Junior Moore' character here for the first time in the series. This is a bit awkward, so I'll give it a two out of ten and we can move on.
The locations - 4/5
The locations here are very good. The beginning in London is great, and I love the location of the air traffic control centre, wherever that is. I also love the location of Fort Regan, in the Nevada desert, and of course the various scenes in Las Vegas are good too. Not quite a perfect five, but still very decent.
The climax - 4/5
The climax here would be James' escape from the police after he got caught illegally scamming casinos, and although there just doesn't seem right here, perhaps Muchamore's writing, it is an immensely popular scene, so I would have to give it a high score. It is definitely tense and exciitng, just something feels a little off. I think it may be the very end with the escape of the train track is a bit poorly explained in my opinion, or it might just be I've never been to Las Vegas, so some of the things I'm not quite sure what he's talking about.
The ending - 3/5
The ending is pretty good here. It's basically Lauren finding out about the casino scam, and then James finding out Kerry and Bruce have broken up. I like this, however I don't like how we go from this, to hands all over at the next scene we seem them in in Brigands MC. However, I guess this is Brigands M.C's problem. A decent ending, but nothing too special.

Overall, The General gets 43/65, which puts it second to last. This is a lot of people's favourites, so if you think something will be changed, please say, because it seems a bit low. The ranking so far:

  1. Class A - 58/65
  2. Mad Dogs - 54/65
  3. Divine Madness - 48/65
  4. Man Vs Beast - 47/65
  5. The Fall - 46/65
  6. The Recruit - 45/65
  7. Maximum Security - 44/65
8.. The Killing - 44/65
  1. The General - 43/65
  2. The Sleepwalker - 41/65
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Refunded Twice. What should I do?

I visited Las Vegas a few weeks ago and at one of the bars I was charged $3,000 instead of $30. Called in the morning and the manager said it was a “decimal error.” Either way they refunded me $2970 a week later and that was that. Well today I got another refund most likely from the dispute I filed with my bank and this one was $3000. I’m not planning on keeping the money but also don’t want to call a multi billion dollar casino that almost scammed me out of $3k. Should I wait it out and if they take it it’s whatever? The card they have is cancelled due to the charge.
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Summer 2019 funny dialogues compilation (Part 3)

Hi all :) In these posts I’ll be sharing some of the fun bits of dialogues from the Swimsuit Swordsmasters summer event. They are mostly short and fun exchanges between the characters that you can enjoy reading along with the summaries of the chapters that you can find down here.
Here are the summaries of the Las Vegas summer event from last year, done by various good souls. With the exception of the translations by pplovesk and shinyklefkey , most of these were summarized by Itqan Madani on their Facebook. They used to be posted on reddit by kakarot12310 but since the posts have been removed for some reason I'll link directly to Itqan Madani instead.
Main chapter summary part 1
Main chapter summary part 2
Main chapter summary part 3
Main chapter summary part 4
Main chapter summary part 5
Main chapter summary part 6
Main chapter summary part 7
Main chapter summary part 8
Main chapter summary part 9, and part 10. Alternative summary with additional tidbits by pplovesk.
Main chapter summary part 11 alternative summary with additional translation of the final boss’ dialogues and fun tidbits by pplovesk.
Extra: Drive in Las Vegas
Extra: Fun Jet Tennen Rishin-ryū
Extra: Losers’ Lullaby
Extra: Gambling Saint
Extra: Playing With The Weather (featuring QSH and Iskandar) by shinyklefkey.

Part 1 here.

Part 2 here.

Cirque du Requin

The cute little play that goes in the beginning of Cirque du Requin:
Mephi: In Patchwork London, what unfolds before us is the story of three happy little girls. Now then, I wonder I wonder. What clutches of evil await these little ones? What is this that they deeply wish for? We hope you’d enjoy yourself until the very end!
Mephi: Oh yeah I forgot. This goes without saying but no recording allowed okay? (he then screams “there are no dreams” but I don’t really get what the hell that’s about)

Rhyme: Let’s step, let’s kick, and dance away! (errr, kick-step dance?) No matter how you do it, you’ll end up in the pot all the same!
Lily: Mister Dolphin, oh Mister Dolphin, what did you see that made you bounce? What did you see that made you howl? I don’t understand a word you’re saying!
Reese: (queck queck!)
Rhyme: Does everyone bring chocolate with you? Mine and yours and Mister Dolphin’s, we have in total 3 pieces! Now let’s go on a picnic, all the way to the moon!

Uncle Napnap: Wow wow, hold up there you two. No matter how you think about it, walking from here all the way to the moon is no easy journey! If you give me a piece of choc, I’ll take you to the end of the moon, so how about it?
The girls: Please take us, pretty please! Please take us to the moon right away!
Uncle Napnap: Then off you two go, quick, get inside my cannon! It’ll be a hell of a show, kaboom!, just like that! Now, let’s go! ARC DE TRIOMPHE DE L’ETOILE! (fwoosh~!)

Rhyme: Huh? I wonder if this is really the moon? Aren’t there supposed to be rabbits on the moon! There are no rabbits here, as the matter of fact there is not a single chicken feather to be found!
Ishtar: Myyyy, my my my. What a shame, what a shame! Because this is actually Venus. Looks like you girls got your cannon trajectory all wrong! I get a lot of stray kids like you around here, so I give you my dearest welcome! Of course, I welcome you, as an addition to my labor force!
Lily: No way!
Ishtar: Hehehe, you’re not going to the moon or anywhere else. You’re going to slave away here forever!
Automata: Labor, labor, labor is fun, and labor is happiness. You’ll find your happiness in absolutely nothing but labor.

Rhyme: This is bad, this is really bad! We have been doing nothing but harsh labor all this time! But we have no cannons here, and dumb dumb Napnap is not with us anymore! Have we no ways left to go to the moon?
Ibachin: Wut wut, wut’s all the fuzz. You want to me to take you to the moon to play there, is that it? If you gimme a piece of choc, I’ll send you flying to the moon with double the fanfare!
Lily: Then I’ll give you my chocolate! Please take us to the moon safe and sound!
Ibachin: Worry not, worry not. Om nom nom. (TRANSFORM!) So yummy! Now get ready, for the great firework of Mount Ooe shall blast you off to the moon! Let’s go! ENCOMIUM MORIAE! (boom!)

Rhyme: We made it! My my, I wonder if this is the moon?
Artemis: Yep yep. You got that right. An oh-so-much-fun dreamy lunar world is waiting for you up ahead! But do you bring chocolate with you? If you have only one piece, I cannot allow more than a single person to enter the lunar world, you know?
Rhyme: My, I can’t believe this! I have no choco left!
Lily: Then it cannot be helped. Please let Rhyme in. I will stay here. Nursery, enjoy the lunar world okay?
Rhyme: My my, how could I do such a thing! If Jeanne won’t go then I’ll stay with her too. We’ll return to the pot together!
Lily: Mister Dolphin? Why are you holding up the chocolate?
Reese: (bites!)
The girls: Ah! The piece is broken up!
Orion: Hmm hmm hmph! Not bad, Dolphin! Now the chocolate has been broken up into two pieces. Now there is no problem right, Artemis?
Artemis: Yep yep, things are peachy now. Let’s take them to the lunar world.
Rhyme: Thank you, thank you so much Mister Dolphin!
Reese: (happy noises)

Rhyme: This picnic is so much fun! But I wonder if there is something missing?
Lily: You too Nursery? I also think we’re missing somebody!
Rhyme: That’s right, it’s that girl! This won’t do, we must return to the pot at once!
Lily: You’re right. If we want to play in the lunar world, we can always bring chocolate with us and return tomorrow!
Rhyme: Let’s bring a whole lot! For dumb dumb Napnap, for meanie Ishtar, for chomp chomp Ibachin, and of course for Mister Dolphin too! Let’s have a picnic with everybody!

Jack: Daddy, daddy! Please listen to our request!
Sanson: Oh dear, what could it be my little angels?
The girls: We want to be taken to the moon! So give us lots and lots of chocolate, pretty please!

Sieg: Let’s register first. Oh, you there, got a moment?
Marie: Welcome to Cirque du requin! Oh my, oh my oh my. You guys are here to have a Swimsuit Swordsmaster duel right?
Gudao: yep.
Hokusai replies with her usual MUST BECOME BEST MIZUGI KENGOU stuff.
Marie: Actually, you need the Challenge Letter first... but well, a mock fight is fine too! Since there haven’t been a lot of challengers lately, Jeanne has been lonely. But please wait a lil bit. If the little guy is hungry, it could get messy!
Everybody at the same time: The little guy? Gudao: Who??
Marie: well, since Jeanne has been strict on him, I think it’ll be fine!
(In Jeanne’s room)
Jeanne: giggles there there, good boy. Looks like another challenger has come. Let’s do our best!
(Outside) Marie: Jeanne! Is now a good time?
Jeanne: Coming Marie! What’s the matter?
Marie: You got a challenger, I brought em to your room! How’s his tummy?
Jeanne: He ate a whole lot earlier so I think he’s peppy!
Hoku: I dunno what they’re on about but I’m getting strange chills, maybe this is a bad idea. N-No, if I get cold feet here how can I ever call myself an Edokko! Hereeee I Co-
(Door opens) Jeanne: Morning!
An actual, floating shark: Playtime.
Hoku: -mee.......
(Everybody freezes for 5 seconds)
Jeanne: Welcome to Cirque du Requ- hu-huh?
Marie: Jeanne, everybody ran.
Jeanne: No way... why do all my challengers run back as soon as they arrive here!
Marie: Maybe it’s the little guy, no...?
Jeanne: Whatchu mean, he’s cute as a button no? My Reese XP.
Reese XP (an actual, floating shark): Playtime.
Marie: Yeah, I think he’s super cute too! (Srsly Marie??) You agree Deon?
Deon: I stand by my right to give no comments, Your Highness!
Jeanne & Marie: Eeeeh~
Deon: Why are you two tilting your heads at me!
Oh, so Jeanne continues to hypnotize people into her slav- siblings it seems. And still with her fists.
Jeanne: Jeez. What’s with the sour face. You’ll make your sister sad okay? ...that’s right. I’m not a holy woman here.
Melt: My. Then what could you be?
Jeanne: Yep, I’m Gudao-kun’s... BIG SIS!
Melt: I see, big sis. ...biggu sissu? Errr... what are you talking about. You’re a Heroic Spirit right? A Servant right? Not someone from Japan right?
Sieg: What’s wrong Master. Your face is pale...
Gudao: I HAVE A FEELING THAT PERSON WAS MY BIG SIS! (Yep it’s a continuation of that Summer 3 node where Jeanne hypnotized Jalter and Lily into her slav- siblings. WITH HER FISTS)
Musashi: Huh, big sis. Hoku: Uh huh, big sis.
Everybody: BUT WHY DOU
Jeanne: Jeez, you sis is sadface desu. I never thought my brother’d be my opponent! But unfortunately, there is no way out of this. You will learn that lil brothers can never win against big sisters, with that body of yours errrrrrrr I mean with my gentle teachings!
Okkie: I think I just heard her true intention in full open just now! We’re in deep shit, she’s the same type as MechaEli-chan! 😭
Convo with Orion:

Artemis: Oh, you plan to challenge Jeanne, right?

Orion: Be careful. With Jeanne, and also with that shark. (sobs) Even though that chick looks to be perfectly within my strike zone… it’s like, my head keeps flashing warnings like “no touchy, that chick is totally bad news”… Just like the first time I met Artemis! Just like the first time I met Artemis! No shit, my brain actually repeated twice like that, purely for emphasis.

Sieg: I see now. However, mind if I have a question, Lord Orion?

Orion: wut?

Sieg: Why did that warning let Lord Artemis pass the radar?

Artemis: D A R-L I N G ?

Orion: EEKKK! Man it’s been a while since the last time we had this kinda conversation!

Artemis: Yeah we haven’t been doing our comedy routine in a while. THEN HOW ABOUT I LET YOU HAVE A TASTE OF MY “LUNATIC BEAM” RIGHT NOW?

Orion: That’s your biggest gun ain’t it! E M P L E H!!! (he’s then promptly squeezed into silence)

Also, in the end of the node when Gudao is about to snap back into his ANE trance, Melt whips him out of it with a move called “Comfy Mystic Sword Gisele.” Aww, even when she’s being sadistic she still goes gentle on us, what a sweetie.

You are about to ask Kintoki to help level-upping Public Decency Raikou’s motherhood when a monster suddenly shows up on the street; looks like Tamamo’s glamor has leaked out too much, so somehow a magical beast has turned into an enemy.

Kinbro: No way around this, we’ll just have to talk after I’m done teaching this guy how to behave! Hmm? Waita minute. Isn’t this pattern where we’re supposed to do “that?” This is our chance to say that line, ain’t it!

Gudao: Excuse me!

Kinbro: Hey, don’t you bastards dare start fighting before we do this, okay!

Monsters: (actually play along and nod)

Kinbro: Alright! Here we goooooo!

Gudao: But we were just in the middle of talking!


Hoku: …what black magic is this?

Musashi: I have absolutely no clue either, but it’s like some kinda token word that feels good when you say it!

(then you fight a Hawaiian chicken that is named “Wyvern?”)

Kintoki’s reaction to our plan with Raikou:
Kinbro: That’s a dangerous gamble you’re making, Master. Right now general Raikou’s power is that of a Public Decency Chairwoman. If you up her motherhood attribute, she might just go back to being a Zerk. But as a Berserker, she’ll definitely say things like “it’s absurd to let my son (read: Master) do something like fighting a shark!” and turn this summer break into a mountain of homework.
Tamamo: What, are you still in elementary school or something? >_>
How Tamamo goes about pushing Raikou’s button:

Raikou: …I see. You’re telling me you want to defeat the Swimsuit Swordsmaster Servants.

Kinbro: Exactly, General Raikou.

Raikou: I do wish to assist you very much… but to begin with, the fact that this Swimsuit Swordsmaster tournament exists, itself is indecent. All of you, be good children and stay where you are. As one who upholds public decency, I shall put an end to everything by myself.

Kinbro: Nah nah nah. Then it would be pointless. It won’t mean a damn if Master himself doesn’t participate properly in the tourney, you see?

Raikou: But… (poor woman, worrying about her son gawking at swimsuits 😭)
Tamamo: Now now. Master, won’t you just let Raikou-san handle everything for us?

Raikou: Whu- Ah, you’re… Tamamo no Mae! Among the list of indecent Servants, you’re the biggest offender…!

Tamamo: You got that right. With that said, we’ll leave eeeeeeeverything to you okay, Raikou-san? Meanwhile, me and Master will enjoy our vacation to our hearts’ content! Hurry hurry Master. First, let’s us take a dip in the pool. After swimming, we’ll rub sun oil for each other, massage each other, clean ears for each other… (no shit I would clean Tamamo’s ears, those fluffs look too damn soft!)

Raikou: HOLD IT RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM!! D-Do you think I would allow such things! Banned! Each and every one of them is banned!

Tamamo: Huh~ But you see~ If Raikou-san can allow yourself to get so worked up, why can’t you cut Master some slack too?
Raikou: That’s…! But, uh, I mean… umm… (sobs ༼ಢ_ಢ༽)
Gudao: (Kinbro...! / Should we really be bullying her like this…!?)

Kinbro: (This might be mean-spirited, but at times like this, you must bring out your inner oni, Master!)

Tamamo: C’mon c’mon. Won’t you spend your summer days indulging in oozing sweetness with this onee-san? <3

Kinbro: (You’re something, Fox… no matter how you look at this, it’s a deadly honeytrap, but deep within your eyes there ain’t a speck of a smile… Is this the real nature of a courtesan?... no wait, Fox did claim that she had nothing to do with courtesan stuff…) (yes this is a reference to Daji)

Then after the plan has succeeded…

Hoku: Yep. I’m still an amateur but I have faced some real deals. I’m getting better at this swordsman business.

Raikou: That’s wonderful. However… from examining the battle just now, there is still redundancy in your swordplay. On the way to the hotel, I’ll teach you a couple of tricks on how to deal with onis and ogres.
Tamamo: Wow there I’m catching bad vibes so this is where Tamamo-chan will be showing herself out! (whispers closely) If you do need a breather, you can come to my room at any time <3 Well, see ya!

Mashu: Senpai senpai… just what kind of things did Tamamo-san just say to you? Ah, you turned your face away! Senpaaai, senpaaaaaaai!

Since Mephis thinks it’s a waste to just let a ridiculous duel like us trying to fight back brainwashing big sis, he comes up with an equally wacky storyline for us to act as a play while actually dueling. So this is it.

Mephi: Tonight, our story is a tall tale of swindlers. It’s about the amusing life of a man who proclaims to have severed the Italian peninsula and attached it to Greece… Now then, please enjoy!

Roma: …Oh? I see.
Gudao: Though it may sound very painful, this is totally the will of God.
Roma: Very well. No matter the place, no matter if it’s in Greece, Roma is Roma. I too am Roma. Severing the peninsula too, is Roma.

Hector: Wut, the Italian peninsula is coming over to play? I mean, whatever floats your boat, man. Ah, but what will we do about the taxes? They’ll probably make us pay won’t they.

Citizen A: Hey folks have you heard! Looks like they’re gonna chopped off our entire peninsula and attach it to Greece!
B: Now ain’t that something! If we become Italian, we’ll get to climb Mount Olympus!
A: Kudos! Kudos! Kudos to the folks who are chopping off our peninsula!

Hoku: Yep we’re totally doing it! The king has given us a go. Now all we have to do is to lop this peninsula’s head clean off! I can’t wait, I just can’t wait. This is exactly why I love scams and swindles!
Jeanne: Wow there, I won’t let you have you way, my lil brother! If you cut off this peninsula, there will be a giant boot floating over the Mediterranean Sea. I won’t allow you to make a boot island appear out of nowhere! As your big sis I must put a stop to your scheme no matter what, as a your big sis I repeat! Hey, don’t you two agree!?
Lily: Yeah! Only bad people do scams and swindles. Even Bunyan knows that if you lie, your nose will grow!
Jalter: tbh I’d rather be on that side. Welp, at the moment I’m here tho. So be a good boy and obey your sisters!
Gudao: (I knew it, these two are brainwashed too…!)
Actually, there are a couple of funny parallels between the “Family Flag” node in Summer 3 and this part of Summer 4. FYI the thing with Jeanne brainwashing people into her slaves siblings has been going on since Summer 3, with Jeanne trying to claim Gudao as the newest member of the “Jeanne siblings” while Jalter and Lily tried to stop her delusion from going out of hands (spoiler: they failed).

Summer 3:

Jalter: Listen here, “Master-chan.” When it has come to this, you must toughen your heart and firmly reject her rambling. If you don’t you’re just allowing her to come up with some crazier delusions!
Lily: Oh no, even the me who should be clean and proper has gone kooky under Luluhawa heat… I knew it, winter! Winter has got to be the best! Please come early, winter!
Jeanne: What should I do, my lil brother. I didn’t think they would catch on so slowly. There is no helping it, I guess I’ll just have to resort to persuasion (read: my fist).

(she changes into her dolphin coach swimsuit and Reese also appropriately appears. It still floats in the air, of course.)
Lily: Yay, it’s Mister Dolphin! How do you do, Mister Dolphin!
Reese: (shows a jaw full of teeth)
Lily: It’s scary when the mouth opens!
Jalter: What are you doing there Lily! This whackjob is planning to brainwash us with her fist! Fight her now or else Master will become our little brother!
(after the fight)
Jalter: (dejected) You’re my brother.
Lily: Yay! Even though I’m the youngest child I got a little brother now!
(...and the morning after)
Jalter: Wait, now I remember! You’re not my little brother, right!?
Lily: Yeah, Master is my older brother!
Gudao: (The brainwashing effect still hasn’t cleared…)

Summer 4:

Jeanne: Grrr…! It’s not over yet! Go, Reese XP!
Reese XP: ME – WANT – PLAY.
Lily: To be honest, even if it’s my ally I’m still scared…
Jalter: I’m more scared of a crazy big sister tho.
(...and after the fight)
Jeanne: What a… humiliating defeat…! I am... not… your big sister…!
Gudao: Of course you’re not my big sister!
Jalter: Ah… now that you remind me! This woman is not my big sister!
Lily: I knew it… the summer heat is making us hallucinating…!
Jeanne: Ugh… I can’t believe that… that you’re not my blood-related little brother…!
Gudao: She’s still not giving up!
And that's all I wanna do for this event. There is a bit during Casino Camelot where Fergus is so horny but the girls ignore him to sail their yuri ship so he’s like “a Medjed is fine too” but it’s not as ridiculous as the previous casinos so I’ll pass on translating any more.
Anniversary and Summer 2020 are coming and I have no quartz left, truly the worst roastbelt _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):
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LAS VEGAS TOP 10 CASINO SCAM RIGGED PART 1 - YouTube Top 10 Most Clever Casino Scams Of All Time - YouTube The Secret Underworld Of Vegas Gambling  Cheating Vegas ... Las Vegas SCAMS #3 The John D’oh – How not to fall for it ...

In 2011, the scam was identified at the Cosmopolitan Casino in Las Vegas, and the gang members were held by the authorities pending further investigation. To the frustration of the authorities, it was impossible to pin enough evidence on the gang members, who were released – along with their $1 million in ill-gotten gains. Shortly thereafter, the gang were arrested again in the Philippines ... Las Vegas might just the single most enjoyable city in the world. Nothing beats the neon, the sheer excitement, and the 24/7 party atmosphere. Especially if you love to gamble. But Las Vegas, like any other big city, has its fair share of scammers, pickpockets and people trying to sell you stuff you don’t need. These are some of the most popular scams in Vegas. Be prepared! This helps others avoid getting ripped off by online casino scams. Unfortunately, if your casino is listed on our Blacklist, help is no longer available from us. However, if you have an issue with ANY of our approved online casinos we will personally help get it resolved. Click on any of the links below for the detailed reason(s) why that particular online casino is blacklisted. Blacklisted ... Virtually every casino-hotel in Las Vegas charges a resort fee. There are a few exceptions downtown and in the locals market, but for all intents and purposes we won’t get into that. The amount that casino-hotels charge to tourists in Las Vegas typically ranges from between $10 and $28 per night. This usually includes wi-fi, bottles of water ... Hotels near Wynn Las Vegas Casino; Hotels near Mirage Volcano; Hotels near Madame Tussauds - Las Vegas ; Hotels near Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign; Skip to main content. Post. Alerts. Trips. Sign in. Inbox. See all. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Las Vegas ; Hotels ; Things to do ; Restaurants ; Flights ; Vacation Rentals ; Shopping ; Vacation Packages ; Cruises ... Read on to find out about common Las Vegas scams and how to avoid them. Beware of Hookers. Even though prostitution is not legal in Vegas, it is still a popular way for many people to make a living. It is not uncommon to be approached by a sex worker. If you agree to their services and invite them up to your hotel room, they may ask you to take a shower. While showering, they will rob your ... Over 42 million people visited Las Vegas in 2018 with the intent of partying, seeing the sights, and amassing a small fortune at the tables. That volume of discretionary income flowing into the city is an invitation for hustlers to concoct ideas to part naive tourists from their money through scams, tourist traps, petty crime, and ripoffs. Although the casino has not officially revealed details about how the scheme was carried out, a Las Vegas casino consultant named Barron Stringfellow has deduced how it was accomplished. He suspects that the player was wearing an earpiece and playing at the VIP tables, while an accomplice surveyed the surveillance footage from a safe location inside or around the casino. The accomplice then ... Las Vegas Scams: 10 Ways to Avoid Taking It In the Butt. 19 Replies. What a wondrous place Las Vegas is. Of course, no city is perfect, so we’ve compiled a list of ways you can avoid being reamed in Sin City. Here’s to not taking it in the butt! It’s probably a metaphor. 1. Don’t Fall for the Hotel Floors Lie. Ads make some Vegas hotels sound like skyscrapers, but the numbers don’t ... Basic casino cheating scams hardest to catch, gaming experts say . By NICOLE RAZ LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL September 26, 2016 - 5:30 pm James Taylor, deputy chief of special investigations for the ...

[index] [24322] [27241] [30545] [31793] [6935] [16167] [20351] [17238] [11687] [6237]


In this opening episode of Cheating Vegas, we learn the classic tricks and scams that vegas cheaters pull to get away with millions. We learn how to spot a c... They had a system - and it actually worked! For this list, we'll be looking at the most daring, devious and brazen ways in which folks have attempted, and of... John D’oh – Las Vegas Strip SCAMS You Must Avoid For more information: About this series: Join Las Vegas personali... When betting 300 chips it is impossible to win if you double down.