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2004 Forbes Magazine Article

This article is still available online at this point:
Sensei's World
Benjamin Fulford, David Whelan, 09.06.04
Soka Gakkai, a strikingly wealthy Japanese sect, tries again for U.S. glory with a splendid new campus. Daisaku Ikeda's unaccountable empire can thank lax treatment of the nonprofit world.
Walk the hilly campus of Soka University of America in Aliso Viejo, Calif. and you enter the fabulous world of the international nonprofit. The three-year-old school has so far put about $300 million into its 103 suburban Orange County acres, and this is still a work in progress. As of this fall, only 400 students will meander among the rich, Romanesque architecture.
The primary benefactor of Soka U is a controversial offshoot of Japanese Buddhism called Soka Gakkai, headed for 44 years by the sometimes messianic and persistently self-aggrandizing Daisaku Ikeda. But significant secondary support comes from favorable tax treatment in Japan, the U.S. and around the globe, just as enjoyed by other philanthropies big and small. In the U.S. the nonprofit sector is spending $875 billion a year and employs 9% of the work force yet has precious little accountability, other than the public financial statements required of most charities. Religious entities don't even have that degree of accountability. They enjoy all the benefits of tax exemption without any requirement that they say what they are up to.
Soka Gakkai is a shadowy case in point. Ikeda, now 76 and president of Soka Gakkai International, the sect's global umbrella, claims 12 million followers and has amassed an empire that was put at $100 billion by a Japanese parliamentarian a decade ago. (The sect says that's wrong but otherwise won't comment on its finances.) A nasty split from Nichiren Buddhists set off a cycle of alleged violence, blackmail and intimidation. Soka Gakkai members in Japan have been charged with illegal wiretapping and breaking into private databases. The sect says it has nothing to do with those activities, noting that its ranks include nearly 10% of all Japanese. But yet-darker allegations have been made (see box, p. 130).
Soka Gakkai (literally, "value-creating society") brings in, conservatively, $1.5 billion a year to the top line, according to our best estimates of its membership, its tithing demands and its commercial activities. Most of that revenue is collected in Japan, where the sect sells its flock funeral plots, assorted religious paraphernalia and a newspaper (5.5 million subscribers). The group's far-flung international assets include estates in France and the U.K. In gilded Santa Monica, Calif. a Soka-owned office high- rise and auditorium sit across Wilshire Boulevard from each other, near the town's beach. In the nearby hills a Soka affiliate holds the King Gillette Ranch-- which was used for footage of "Tara" in the film Gone with the Wind. A thousand spiritual centers worldwide include a site worth $6 million near New York City's Union Square.
In wealth and claimed following, Soka Gakkai exceeds more familiar sects such as Hare Krishna, the church of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon and today's hippest (Madonna, etc.) group, members of the Kabbalah Centre. In the U.S. a church can lose its federal tax exemption for getting into politics. Soka managed to get around a similar restriction in Japan, where Ikeda has built up a political party, New Komeito, that helps the long-governing Liberal Democrats hold power.
Soka University of Japan opened in 1971. Soka University of America, first established in 1987 on what is now a graduate campus in Calabasas, Calif., near Malibu, recently obtained preaccreditation for its undergraduate program from an outfit certified by the U.S. Education Department. A parallel process that will cover graduate students also is moving forward.
The preaccreditation means that for the past year American undergrads at Soka U--which reported to the IRS that its assets exceed $740 million--have been eligible to obtain up to $23,000 in federal Stafford loans over the course of their education. Needy recipients can get up to an additional $4,000 a year in Pell Grants.
What are Ikeda's aims? Five years after gaining command of Soka Gakkai, he told a Japanese writer: "I am the king of Japan; I am its president; I am the master of its spiritual life; I am the supreme power who entirely directs its intellectual culture." In the years since, "world peace" has been the sect's mantra. New Komeito promotes pacifism in Japan. Representatives of the sect have worked the UN and other official venues touting international harmony and goodwill--and usually Ikeda. Followers mount a traveling show equating him with Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi.
In the sect's 1,000 meeting halls Soka members exercise the "life-enhancing" power of chanting. Believers are encouraged to be "many in body, one in mind." This means "You have to make sensei's [teacher's] heart your own. You have to fulfill [Ikeda's] dreams instead of your own," maintains Lisa Jones, a former aide and follower who ghostwrote an Ikeda book and now maintains a Soka-doubter Web site. "His dream is kosen-rufu, or what Soka members call ‘world peace,' which will be achieved when one third of the world chants, one third merely celebrates Ikeda, and the other third doesn't care," she says.
A Soka bid for favor in the U.S. a generation ago, drawing on the era's culture clash and some affiliated celebrities, attracted unwelcome press, and the sect receded a bit. But it has never given up efforts to establish legitimacy and further Ikeda's vision. He founded the Boston Research Center for the 21st Century in a 13,000-square-foot Georgian building next to Harvard University. Ikeda has enticed Mikhail Gorbachev and Henry Kissinger into numerous discussions. He also met with historian Arnold Toynbee, double Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling and civil rights figure Rosa Parks (Soka's U.S. arm boasts a sizable black membership). Some of the conversations with luminaries have been published and sold.
More idealistic or benign than sinister and manipulative? The veil that surrounds the nonprofit world, especially religions, ensures that only the outlines are visible. Soka University files an IRS form; the organization behind it doesn't.
Congress is training its sights anew on nonprofits. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, held hearings in June on tax-exempt abuses. "Far too many charities have broken the understood covenant between the taxpayers and nonprofits," he said. He was angered by local news reports about the looting of family foundations. On Aug. 10 the Internal Revenue Service promised to increase from 230 to 300 the agents it assigns to nonprofit entities. This tiny crew is supposed to take on 1.6 million tax-exempt organizations and an estimated 400,000 additional religious groups that do not have to submit annual tax forms to the IRS. Investigations are typically initiated only in response to complaints. Exceptions to this passive role include the IRS' decades-long losing war with the Church of Scientology.
In the post-Sept. 11 era some Muslim groups have come under scrutiny for ties to terrorism. The Department of Justice recently prosecuted the former head of the American Muslim Council and indicted seven leaders of the Dallas-based Holy Land Foundation. But unless you're tied into terror, you can shout from the rooftops and no one is likely to come looking at your books. "Every revenue agent you assign to a corporate tax return will generate millions of dollars. Every [revenue agent] you assign to a tax-exempt one may not pay his own salary," says Marcus Owens, who headed the IRS' Exempt Organizations division from 1990 to 2000 and is now a private Washington attorney.
So the Ikeda-related wealth here is virtually untouchable. In Japan, Soka has not only its 8,000-student university but also its enhanced political power. At least 20% of the Liberal Democrat deputies could have lost without the support of Soka followers last October, enough to give the opposition Democratic Party a plurality in the Diet. "It's like becoming addicted to amphetamines," says Katsuei Hirasawa, an LDP member of parliament, of his party's link with Komeito.
In a July op-ed in the Asahi newspaper, Koji Ishimura, a professor of tax law at Hakuho University, argued that Soka's political activities were an abuse of its status as a religion. "The influence of a ruling party that relies on a specific religion's organization to form its power base is growing stronger," wrote Ishimura, who called for Soka's donations to be taxed.
Ikeda established his fundraising prowess early on. According to University of North Carolina professor James White, who wrote a book about Soka, Ikeda threw a scare into the Japanese insurance industry in the 1960s in a crash four-day drive for a key temple at Mount Fuji. Record sums were raised, with some members cashing in life policies to help.
Soka's initial U.S. academic beachhead in rustic Calabasas met with bustle-wary neighbors. After an extended development fight, the 660 acres today may be home to only half a dozen linguistics students destined for jobs as language instructors for Japanese Soka emissaries.
The action shifted to Aliso Viejo in 2001, with promises of a nonsectarian institution with a first-rate library and renowned secular faculty. The new master-planned community was accommodating. Campus athletic and arts attractions, as well as the library, were open to the public. Popular U.S. author Joe McGinniss was a notable instructor hire.
But reality began to kick in when McGinniss and others complained of interference from on high. Several staff have left--McGinniss' contract wasn't renewed--and one sued. Another filed for arbitration and lost.
Earnest university officials are at pains to showcase an arts-and-letters idyll devoted to the betterment of mankind. Soka U insists it is an independent, nonsectarian school not even as religiously influenced as, say, Brigham Young or Notre Dame universities. But at least a majority of Soka U's trustees have direct Soka Gakkai connections. Today 70% of matriculants are Soka Gakkai members.
Some secular faculty felt squeezed. The university was sued in 2002 by Linda Southwell, a fired fine arts professor. Her complaint disputed a "commitment to rigorous academic endeavor, free and open dialogue, and an appreciation for human diversity" when "in reality the curriculum is intended to reflect cult beliefs and perspectives" and speech and association are limited. She also claimed Soka members were favored faculty.
Soka University settled the discrimination and wrongful termination in a "satisfactory" manner that included a confidentiality clause, Southwell's lawyer Brian Glicker says. Another professor, who quit her "frightening" job, begs off discussing the specifics of her beef.
Glicker maintains he's heard from several other non-Soka Gakkai International staff members. "Many or most non-SGI staff or faculty are at least considering leaving," says one disaffected professor. "The university was only able to hire 7 or 8 of the 21 faculty it tried to hire." University officials say they'd not heard this and attribute departures to the growing pains of a new school. They claim an 81% retention rate.
An initial goal of 1,200 students remains a ways off. Has the academic friction been a roadblock? The university says more hiring and building await full accreditation, which it expects soon. On campus, the image is of serenity and strength. The buildings use the same stone featured in the Colosseum in Rome. Ikeda insisted on using it because he intends his university to last 2,000 years, a Soka U spokesman explains. The campus also sports a security camera network rivaling that of any casino.
The university includes a sizable "guest house" and a larger "athenaeum" overlooking a regional park. The sumptuous residence is set aside for VIPs, such as, in the words of one university official, "the president of Venezuela or Daisaku Ikeda." It has ornate furniture, a portrait of Ikeda and many artworks, all covered in white cloth until the VIPs show.
The undergraduate catalog says that "as leaders and decision makers," Soka's graduates "will be guided by the ideal of a contributive life, a humanistic approach drawn from Buddhist thought." But Soka Gakkai newspapers and other publications, filling a prominent shelf in the Soka University library--named for Ikeda--all feature Ikeda's interpretations of Buddhism: To wit, achieve world peace and democracy by becoming one in Soka and chanting. The university notes it also has other Buddhist texts.
Like other students approached at Aliso Viejo, Fabiana Sanchez, 21, a senior and a Soka Gakkai member, says she wants to do something for society or peace. She plans to return to her native Venezuela upon graduation and get involved in some sort of work "linking education and politics."
Soka U denies a rumor that the aging sensei plans a visit soon to his American academic citadel. Succession at the sect's helm is uncertain: Two sons are vice presidents in Soka but the sect denies a hereditary rule. Meanwhile the tax-favored billions continue to roll in, almost entirely outside the purview of authorities anywhere.
Chant of the Faithful
Prominent believers in Soka Gakkai include Mariane Pearl, the widow of murdered journalists Daniel Pearl, jazz musician Herbie Hancock and Patrick Duffy of Dallas Tv show fame. Singer Tina Turner was identified with Soka Gakkai in years past, but her spokesman would not confirm an association.
As of this fall, only 400 students will meander among the rich, Romanesque architecture.
They're still only having around that many students, and here we are, over 15 years after that article was written. Part of it is that Soka U rejects a large number of applicants because doing so creates a metric that is used to indicate "exclusivity" by ranking agencies. Will Soka U ever reach its goal of a 1,200-strong student body? My sources say No.
The sect says that's wrong but otherwise won't comment on its finances.
That's exactly the kind of criticism we get here from the SGI crusaders who pop in - they'll say "That's wrong" but never provide any documentation or even explanation as to why. We're expected to change everything on the basis of their "That's wrong". That's more of that "entitlement mentality" we were recently talking about.
the Ikeda-related wealth here is virtually untouchable
There is no financial transparency, no independent audits, no oversight by any outside agency. Remember that any time any SGI promoter talks about having reviewed their financials - never gonna happen.
efforts to establish legitimacy and further Ikeda's vision. He founded the Boston Research Center for the 21st Century
That building has since been renamed "The IKEDA Center for something, something, and something else". Who here is surprised?
In the U.S. a church can lose its federal tax exemption for getting into politics.
This is why Ikeda forbade the overseas organizations from forming their own "Komeito" political parties back in the 1970s. That ban remains in place.
Ikeda insisted on using it because he intends his university to last 2,000 years, a Soka U spokesman explains.
Oh more of this grandiose blather. Ikeda just loves talking in multiple thousands of years. The Sho-Hondo was supposed to last 10,000 years, if anyone remembers. Where's your Sho-Hondo now, Scamsei?? Ikeda apparently thinks talking in large terms will make him larger than life.
The sumptuous residence is set aside for VIPs, such as, in the words of one university official, "the president of Venezuela or Daisaku Ikeda."
It's just another "Ikeda House" (so of course it's "sumptuous", since it's for Scamsei) but they have to make it sound like it's more than just a private residence for Ikeda, because that will get them in trouble with nonprofit laws in this country. I'm betting NO ONE has ever stayed in it, since that was after Ikeda stopped traveling.
Singer Tina Turner was identified with Soka Gakkai in years past, but her spokesman would not confirm an association.
Ms. Turner isn't about to alienate any category of potential fans.
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Lessandero Cortez AkA "Tempest"

Lessandero Cortez

Physical Description
Backstory: Lessandero Backstory

Stat name current Stats Bonus Total Description
Stamina 135 0 135 You can keep fighting for a good amount of time in a rigorous fight.
Strengh 125 0 125 You’re getting stronger! You could best some professional fighters now!
Speed 179 0 179 Your speed is now truly impressive, even some trained eyes may lose sight of you.
Dexterity 148 +15% (22) 170 You’re unlocking the true powers of your devil fruit.
Willpower 144 0 144 Call it strong willed or hard headed. But you can hold your ground even in the face of danger.
Total 731 22 731(+22 = 753)

Devil Fruit: Inku Inku no Mi, Paramecia
Table will be partially seen under Proficiency, referring to the enabled abilitys.

Proficiency Points
Total 28
Spent 25 (13 for DF, 4 for Rokushiki), 8 for dial mastery)
Available 3
Inku Inku no mi mastery
Dex Skill PP
10 The user can create a small amount of ink, this can be used to write. 1
30 The user can create tattoos on themselves. These tattoos are purely cosmetic, however, they can change and move around the body at the user’s command. 2
50 The user can create up to a medium amount of ink and is able to shoot ink out of the body 2
90 The user is able to use tattoos on other people too.The tattoos on the user can now be manifested, but only to protect the user. The user can read a book almost instantly by ‘absorbing’ the ink from the pages, this erases the pages entirely. Instead, the user could also scramble to text, however, they will not know what it said unless they had read it previously. 2
120 The user can create up to a large amount of ink and is able to form ink into iconic shapes for use in attacks as well as defenses. The ink itself is still ink though, it cannot cut or stab enemies without a significant amount of force. By using different colored types of ink, the user is able to create ink statues and can change the appearance of objects or people, as long as they hold still. Their colors can be changed, but they will always smell like ink. 3
170 The user can create special tattoos which can manifest once before disappearing. What this does exactly depends on the tattoo itself. (ex. Wings, weapons (blunt until 200 Dex Perk obtained), armor, animal traits) Any person can have up to five tattoos at a time, however, only one can be activated at a time and they each last two turns before disappearing. The user is now able to nearly instantly fill a book with ink, transcribing any previously ‘absorbed’ text onto the pages. The user can also scramble this text as he places it onto the pages. 3
Rokushiki PP
Soru: two steps two steps in quick succsession, in order to teleport short distances 1
Soru: five steps five steps in rapid succsession, in order to teleport a greater distance than before 1
Kami-e: float like paper dodge fast attacks 1
Kami-e: float like a leaf dodge extremly fast attacks 1

Dial Mastery PP
Use dials effectively, 1 dial per equipment 1
Able to create Ball, Vision Flash, Flavor, Lamp or tone dials 1
combine multiple dials into attacks, 2 Dials per equipment 2
Able to create Heat, Axe, Water, Milky or Beath dials 2
able to create previous dials and Flame, Jet, Thunder or Eisen dials 2
Occupation: Spy
Occupation Tree
Occupation Points
Total 17
Spent 16
Available 1

Spy Skills
-1pt. ability: find secrets about location
-1pt. ability: scout minor npc bases
-1pt. ability: disguise yourself
-1pt. ability: Tail minor NPCs
-1pt. ability: eavesdrop NPCs
-2pt. ability: gather information about high ranking marines
-2pt. ability: Able to encrypt and decrypt messages
-2pt. ability: picking locks and pickpocket
-2pt. ability: Able to counterfeit handwritings and signatures
-3pt. ability: Gather information about influential pirates

Musician Skills:
-1pt. ability: play 1 instrument on professional level (acoustic guitar)

Description Amount Details
starting money ฿ 500.000,00 Lessandero stole a purse and this was its content.
income ฿ 600.000,00 nobles palace
฿ 950.000,00 cave dwelling
฿ 1.400.000,00 Heist
฿ 200.000,00 Pickpocketing in the Golden Pair Casino
฿ 663.500,00 All Blue Gazette subs (other players)
฿ 300.000,00 All Blue Gazette sells (through rewards-san)
฿ 2.000.000,00 monster hunting with Ajikuto
฿ 400.000,00 Heist with Linette and Edward
฿ 5.000.000,00 Reward for defeating Jace and Sebastian with Ryoken
฿ 1.000.100,00 reward for saving Rosa
฿ 2.450.000,00 reward for the guitar contest
฿ 3.008.400,00 reward for defeating Bohan
total income ฿ 17.872.000,00
expenses ฿ 200.000,00 secret santa gifts
฿ 535.000,00 shoppe-san
฿ 5.100.000,00 shoppe-san
฿ 400.000,00 tip for Aiden
฿ 1.500.000,00 Impact dial (plus 500k tip for Ryoken)
฿ 900.000,00 shoppe-san ( 3 seastone pebbles)
฿ 23.750,00 shoppe-san (wigs and false beard)
฿ 4.000.000,00 given to Ryoichi (for ship metal)
total expenses: ฿ 10.758.750,00
total: ฿ 7.113.250,00

Object Worth/Cost Aquired by
tone dial ? starting gear
notebook for information ฿0 starting gear
simple satchel ฿0 starting gear
set of usual clothes + trade mark top hat ฿0 starting gear
extra set of servants clothes, marine uniform - stolen
a set of hairpins, rope - stolen
dagger with an engraved emerald found cave dwelling
poison, drugs and herbs: marigold, poppy seeds, nightshade, yarrow and belladonna (gave those to Rosa) ฿ 285.000 shoppe-san
paper for newspaper ฿ 250.000 shoppe-san
golden, expensive looking pocketwatch ฿ 800.000 (stolen) Pickpocketing in th Golden Pair Casino
sleeping darts (x15 - 1 = 14), -1 in fight against Jace + Sebastian ฿ 4.000.000 shoppe-san
thunder dial ฿ 1.100.000 shoppe-san
impact dial - fitted glove (left hand) ฿ 1.500.000 Ryoken, combined with glove
flame dial-fitted glove (right hand) ? reward for saving Rosa
2 dials fitted on boots ? made by yours truly
axe dial ? made by yours truly
seastone pebbles (x3) (-1 in fight against Gideon and Lumitium) ฿ 900.000 shoppe-san
2 wigs and a false beard ฿ 25.000 shoppe-san
black and golden guitar unmeasurable guitar contest
broken old family guitar unmeasurable family heirloom
studded leather whip ?? loot from Bohan, the slave master

Fighting Style:

Puddle The user can create a small puddle of ink on the ground for enemies to slip on or to ease the transportation of heavy goods. Also acts as basis for later techniques, laying down the fundation for traps
Blinding shot The user can shoot a small amount of ink into the eyes of an enemy to temporarily blind them
horrifying illusion The user can use his ability to form and control tattoos to intimidate their opponents. For example a swarm of spiders sescending from under the skin or a dragons mouth opening to shoot fire. After unlocking the 90 Dex ability of the inku inko no mi, the user can use these images on other persons bodies as well.
Slippery hide The user can coat his whole body in slik ink so he is harder to grapple.
Weigh down Infusing their ink into the opponements clothes or fur, they can wheigh them down and slow theyr attacks down
ink armour The users skin is tattooed in form of a set of armour, which can be activated to protect them.
ink shield The user can manifest a shield tatttooed on their arm to redirect or block hits or projectiles.
feral protection The user covers their body in a tattoo of scales or thick fur, which can manifest at will.
ink wall The user pours ink onto the ground and hardening it, shaping it into the form of a wall or dome, which can be hardened up to steel strength.
ink hands The user creates hands made out of ink that can extend great distances, use extra tools, open doors and punch enemies. The amount of dexterity determines how many extra hands are possible. (1 extra hand every 20 dex)
advanced techniques several tattoos with different effects, only limited by the users imagination.
Figting style:
Inku Inku no mi Mastery table
A form of ninjutsu, specialized in getting Information, striking out of the shadows and using everything at hand to overthrow the opponent as quickly and efficiently as possible. Can get quite acrobatic if it is effective and does not shy away from using dirty tricks. Does not wait for his enemies to finish their sentences and uses the chance to strike right away.
By now he has learned how to expertly wield his ink powers and has a plethora of different possibilities to overthrow and subdue his enemies.
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Favorite places to get tacos in Santa Rosa and Sonoma?

Where are your favorite places to get tacos in Sonoma? Taqueria, taco truck, market – I'm open to any and all suggestions, and will compile them into a handy list below.
Edit: Thank you all for the suggestions! I can't wait to try them all out.
El Favorito Location: 565 Sebastopol Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95407 Hours: 9am-12am
La Fondita in Graton Casino Hours: Open 24 hours, closed 2-6am Sat Location: 288 Golf Course Drive West, Rohnert Park, CA 94928
El Patio Location: 901 4th Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95404 Hours: 10am-9pm Mon-Sat, closed Sun
El Capitan Location: 544 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95401 Hours: 9am-9pm
Delicias Elenitas Location: Sebastopol Rd & West Ave, Santa Rosa CA 95407 Hours: 9am-1am
Chelino's Location: 1079 4th St, Santa Rosa, CA 95404 Hours: 8am-9pm
Taqueria Santa Rosa Location: 1950 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95401 Hours: 10am-10pm
Los Arcos Location: 1791 Marlow Rd Ste 6, Santa Rosa, CA 95401 Hours: 9am-9pm
El Farolito Location:
Hours: 10am-9:30pm
El Molino Central Location: 11 Central Ave, Sonoma, CA 95476 Hours: 9am-8pm
Taqueria Las Palmas Location: 415 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95404 Hours: 11am-9pm
La Texanita Location: 1667 Sebastopol Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95407 Hours: 9am-9pm
Taqueria Molcajetes Location: 1195 W College Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95401 Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-9pm, Sat-Sun 7am-10pm
Tortilleria Jalisco Location: 897 W Napa St, Santa Rosa, CA 95476 Hours: 10am-10pm
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Wild. Fire. Story.

Names changed for fun, everything else is real.
So I spent all night at the casino with Jimmy playing blackjack, drinking whisky, and bumpin yay. So at the end of the night it's like 2:30 / 3:00 and I get home and Im still kinda jacked from the yeehaw and decide to go on a walk, well, take a dab then go on a walk. Listening to some country music, I start to walk around the block. I listen to country for most the time, but towards the end I change it to GD radio. Fire on the mountain comes on. It's kinda, I feel, a song that has special effect recently bc I make fun of Bob for his gf burning his house down in Tahoe, and the first lyric he says "long distant runner... what you standing there for...." (I run) so im like singing this along to myself walking the neighborhood, turn the corner and look up and the sky has this eerie orange glow. First paranoid stoner thought, 'oh shit did I leave the dabber on.... is that my house on fire....' of course not right. Keep walking, get closer to my house and realize yup not my house on fire... but what the fuck is that glow. And then I realize it's not really foggy outside like it always fucking is, it's actually smokey. Yeah. I can smell it. It's not just my high drunk yacked brain fuckin with me at 3am. So what's the glow? I decide the best idea, since I'm full of both liquid and powdered confidence, is to drive towards the glow. Bc now it's starting to remind me of burning man. That familiar orange glow behind super thick smoke that just has to be a large fire in the distance. Unless I'm just high drunk and yacked and my brain is playing tricks. So I get towards the glow, and see the fuckin hills behind my neighborhood are on fire. There are these super heavy duty turbo diesel trucks pulling horse trailers at about 80mph. Like seriously hauling major fuckin ass up these dark and smokey, low visibility roads. You can hear their turbos squealing. There are no cops. No fire trucks. I'm half wondering if they even know about it? Is it a prescribed burn? No. couldn't be. At night? No. I decide to keep going up into the fire area. Whisky and coke treating me right. I get up to the gate where the horse trailers are going, there's a dude with a flashlight at the entrance. I park my truck and run over to him and ask if I could help do anything, he says he doesn't think so since neither of us had horse trailers. As he's saying it, the fire is coming up over the hill directly behind him. I'm like 'oh fuck, it's like right there, we should dip.' We both get to our trucks. I split like a bat out of hell. Oak trees are on both sides of the road, they made this little tunnel type feeling. I did not want to be trapped in that. I get to the bottom in just a couple minutes. My hearts beating all crazy and I can feel the adrenaline rush and shit. Now it's like 4 am. Somewhere in there I drive some people who evacuated their house on foot to Safeway and then head back to the fire. I call my buddy Mike to see if he has a horse trailer accessible. Negative. After I'm done talking to Mike I turn on the radio. My favorite radio station is all static so I go up a couple stations. They're talking about the fire. They say that soon their broadcast will end bc they are being evacuated. I assume that's why my normal station is dead. They talk about a fire in Santa Rosa and Napa, they mention Sierra West being destroyed, they say the 101 is closed, and that they are evacuating hospitals. I have a good bud who lives just past Safari West (it's like a zoo type thing). I call him to see what the fuck. He tells me he was woken up by his neighbor, there were huge flames on his property, and he had to just leave with nothing and he thought he was going to die. Tells me his house and property and enormous garden have all been completely decimated. Says he's gotta call me back. Hangs up. Now I'm like. Wow! What the fuck is going on. How are these fires going on at the same time so far away. Like seriously, have we been fire bombed? Getting to be like 430 now. I know my buddy Eric will be up within the hour, so I call him and I'm like "dude wake up, I'm gonna come grab you." He's like "what, why, ok I'll be ready....". Go grab Eric, head right back to the fire, by now it has engulfed a huge grove of redwood trees or eucalyptus trees or some shit. The flames are a deep powerful scary red and they're like 40 ft tall. Within two minutes of getting back to "my spot" to watch the action he's ready to go. I can tell he's uncomfortable as fuck so we split. I drop him off, and head home and decide to wake my roommate up just in case shits getting real. When he wakes up, we turn on the news and holy shit, they're reporting about explosions and structure fires out of control on our intersection where our shop is. Like the exact intersection. He immediately leaves to go check on the shop and if possible retrieve any valuables. While he's gone I call my buddy back that said he had to flee for his life. His story gets me super paranoid and nervous and I'm like, "do you think I should get my valuables together?" He's like 'oh fuck yeah. Do that right now. Bc when you get evacuated you won't have time to.' So I do. Start packing shit up... phone bings. It's My roommate, he says there's a strong chance the shop is on fire, and there are several active structure fires in the area and it's a fuckin mess and the highway is on fire and traffic is fucked and he's headed back. He said there's no way he should have been allowed to go in as far as he did but there was no one there to stop anyone. I've got the news on and I'm more or less frantically packing shit at this point. Cable goes out, tv goes black. Fuckin A. Before My roommate even gets back the neighbors tell me there's a mandatory evacuation for our section of the neighborhood. Ok. I start throwing the valuables I just packed into the RV. Roommate pulls up, I tell him what's up. He runs in his room and grabs a bag of shit and not two minutes later there's a cop driving down our street with a megaphone "this is a mandatory evacuation, please leave the area immediately." We do. The RV and his truck are empty on fuel and getting gas was a mess. Everyone needed gas. And most gas stations were closed. I remember hearing on the radio that Costco opened its gas stations up early for people. We gas up but stay in rohnert at Eric's and plan to stay till they make us leave. After a while the mandatory evacuation drops to a voluntary evac and we feel safe in rohnert where we are so we leave the RV and my dog at Eric's and take two bikes and my truck into Santa Rosa to check everything out, and if possible, recover and safely store any valuables at the shop.
If there's any interest I'll post my pictures a little later
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[Hiring] Northern California (Ukiah Area) CIO, Systems Administrator, and Network Administrator

My current place of employment is hiring for a CIO, (SJr) Systems Administrator, and (SJr) Network AdministratoTech Support.
If you are in the area between Eureka and Santa Rosa and are interested in an IT job, message me and we can work out the details. The positions do need to be filled quickly as I am the sole IT person right now and will be leaving in March. I would like to be able to hand everything off to someone capable.
The position is near Ukiah, CA.
PM me your resume and salary requirements, and I will happily give more details about the jobs.
Edit: Here's some more info about what we have here.
We're a Tribal Casino with plans to build a new facility soon, with a new cstore/gas station that was opened March last year.
Previous gaming industry experience would be ideal, but is not required.
We use Konami for our player tracking system, again, previous experience would be ideal.
Networking: pfSense XG-2758-HA
Juniper SRX240H2
Juniper EX4300
Juniper EX2200
Random Netgear ProSafe's still in some places and probably some hidden ones we don't even know about yet.
Mimosa B5-Lite PTP
Cambium EPMP1000
Unifi AC/LR APs
HP ProLiant DL380P G7/G8
Dell PowerEdge 2850/2950
MS Windows AD Environment
Server 2003/2008R2/2012R2/2016
Exchange 2010/2013
Office 2010/2016
Centos 7 (not required but welcome knowledge to have, FOSS is used here on occasion)
Windows XP (I think just a single VM and everything physical has been replaced)
Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Hyper-V Core
Micros 3700 POS (looking at infogenesis for replacement)
Sage 100 Finance
Shoretel VoIP
I'll probably add more later but there's a lot to do for now.
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OSCAR OCHOA - ES PARA VOS SANTA ROSA - CASINO CLUB SANTA ... Pimpinela - Casino Santa Rosa - Bastardo - YouTube Graton Resort & Casino @ Santa Rosa, CA - YouTube Generación Folklore - Santa Rosa La Pampa - casino club ... GENERACION - ZAMBAS LENTAS - CASINO CLUB SANTA ROSA-01/03 ... Gilberto Santa Rosa - Opening (En Vivo) - YouTube casino club santa rosa - YouTube JC Penney (JCP) Santa Rosa, CA Grand Re-Opening - YouTube Checking Out Downtown Santa Rosa Re-Opening!...Rosie is ...

Only 20 miles away for this casino, the Barona Resort & Casino of Lakeside is a huge resort featuring thousands of slot machines and a great deal of gaming tables such as Rapid Roulette, Three Card Poker, Free Bet Blackjack, Craps or Let it Ride. After betting, players can relax in one of the 8 restaurants available within the complex. River Rock Casino always has something fun and exciting happening...from luxury car giveaways to cash drawings, gourmet VIP dinners on the deck with a view that can't be beat, and of course, more than 1,150 of the latest, greatest slot machines and table games, including guest favorite Roulette! 39 Graton Resort & Casino jobs in Santa Rosa, CA. Search job openings, see if they fit - company salaries, reviews, and more posted by Graton Resort & Casino employees. Santa Rosa City Hall – 100 Santa Rosa Avenue – Santa Rosa, CA 95404 City of Santa Rosa records, including emails, are subject to the California Public Records Act. Unless exemptions apply, emails sent to City staff or Council members, any attachments, and any replies, are subject to disclosure upon request, and neither the sender nor any ... River Rock Casino has a certain something – let's call it heart – that makes you say, "I'm at home here." Come over to play blackjack with your buddies, enjoy some time with familiar faces or indulge in dinner for two with countryside views. You'll find better food, better player rewards and the guaranteed loosest slots. You'll also find a come-as-you-are attitude and friendly folks who ... The largest casino in Santa Rosa, California according to gaming machines and table games put together, is Sonoma County Fair Racing. It has 0 gaming machines and 0 tables games. You can contact the Sonoma County Fair Racing at (707) 545-4200 or toll-free at (800) 454-7223. The Sonoma County Fair Racing is located at 1350 Bennett Valley Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95404, USA. Visit the Sonoma County ... Get your game on at our high-energy casino floor, which features 3,000 state-of-the-art slots, over 100 table games, a live poker room, and VIP gaming salons. Get your game on . Contact us. We look forward to hearing from you! Send us your comments, suggestions, inquiries and requests below. 288 Golf Course Drive West, Rohnert Park , CA 94928 (707) 588-7100 . Follow us on social . 288 Golf ... Game contribution weightings apply to wagering requirements. Maximum bet while playing Santa Rosa Casino Opening with bonus is £5. Minimum deposit of £10 + 2.5% fee (min 50p). Bonus is not available when depositing with Santa Rosa Casino Opening Neteller or Skrill. Cash balance withdrawable anytime + £2.50 fee. Full T&C apply. Casino Filipino Sta. Rosa details page: This casino is found in Laguna, Philippines. Casino Filipino Sta. Rosa has a total of 0 slot machines for your pleasure. World Casino Directory also lists and books casino hotels in Laguna. Browse our gallery of images of Casino Filipino Sta. Rosa or find news about Casino Filipino Sta. Rosa on our site. Understanding Online Casino Bonuses and their benefits. One of the most important aspects of any internet-based casino is the bonuses Hollywood Slots Buffet Times it offers. Nearly every casino offers its players the welcome bonus which, as the name suggests, is to welcome them to the particular casino’s web site. In this section, we set the record straight regarding the different types of ...

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Support the stream: OSCAR OCHOA - ES PARA VOS SANTA ROSA - CASINO CLUB SANTA ROSA Share your videos with friends, family, and the world Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Our first trip to Graton Casino in Santa Rosa California! It’s huuuuge!!! 12 de Marzo de 2016 - Casino de Santa Rosa - Pimpinela - Bastardo This is the Grand Re-Opening ceremony for the JC Penney store in Santa Rosa, CA. In addition to the Store Manager, Michael Gobble speaking, the Vice-Mayor J... About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... Music video by Gilberto Santa Rosa performing Opening (En Vivo). (C) 2019 GSR Management LLC Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.